04 March 2011

Six Senses Tours - Jump On Board!

Are you like me and love to set sail and explore new places?

Have you had the pleasure of travelling or living overseas?

Do you ever look at your own pocket of this wonderful world and think "Wow, this place is special!"?

When reading other peoples' posts, do you ever think "I wish they would tell me more about where they live."

If you answered "Yes!" to even one of these questions, then this may become one of your favourite places to visit on a Friday.  Each week I am going to tap one of my 'Gifters' on the shoulder and ask that they share something that will give the rest of us some insight into the place where they live. To help us savour the essence of their place, our guides will include each of the senses in their post.
The idea is that we take 'virtual' magic carpet ride to new and sometimes distant places, with one of our very own 'Gifters' as our travel guide.

The people who frequent my blog are truly wonderful and I would like to think that by creating this segment that you will get to know each other a little better.  
Please be generous with your comments and take the time to visit each 'Travel Guide' at their own blog.

Let's fill our Blogging Passport with lots of stamps and 'Bon Voyage'!


To begin the tour, I thought you might like to see where I live, the Queensland beach town of Noosa.
Grab your sunnies, your best beach towel & camera and jump on board!

What to do?  There's so much on offer in these parts but today, the answer was a no-brainer, let's go to the beach!  I popped on my swimmers, lathered on the sunscreen, found my beach basket, put in the essentials and grabbed the car keys. 
This is 'My' beach, Laguna Bay or as it's more commonly known, Main Beach Noosa.  It takes about twenty minutes for me to drive here and early morning is my favourite time of day.
One of the best parts of coming to the beach on a weekday morning is that I can always find a park - a gift as rare as hen's teeth any other time of day or on weekends.

The view below is what I see as I step out from my car and head towards the beach.
An aquamarine sea has the capacity to make my heart skip a little beat each and every time that I see it, and I see it a lot.  The cool pavers are a welcome relief underfoot, there is a jazzy tune & smells of fresh coffee and something savoury wafting from the restaurant on my right. Emerging from this little alley, the salty ocean breeze hits and I take in a long, deep breath of fresh air....aaahhh.
Crossing the boardwalk, I give way to several joggers and Dads pushing strollers, no doubt giving their loving partners a sleep in.  The water is full of diamonds, sparkling clear and oh, so enticing.
Looking left towards North Shore, I feel the breeze full in my face.  There's not a soul in sight and it's as if I'm the first person to step onto the sand this morning although I know this isn't true.
Plopping my towel down I unpack the essentials, grab the camera and get 'snapping'.
I've just captured the first image for this post when a man approaches and asks if I'd like him to take a photo with me in it.  He thinks I'm a tourist and I have to explain that I'm actually a local & a blogger and am taking photos to share with you.
He chuckles and says "What, so all of those pour suckers in chilly Melbourne can feel jealous?", I giggle and tell him that's actually not what I'm doing but could imagine that people living in cooler climes could be envious of this beautiful day and how lucky we are to be spending it at the beach.  
It turns out that he and his wife are visiting from Melbourne and we have a lovely chat before they scoot off and leave me to ditch the camera and slide into the sea myself.
Honestly, it is THE perfect temperature.  I describe it as Goldilocks water, I'll let you guess why.  
I lay there floating on my back for the longest time, admiring my glossy black toenail polish, letting the water lull me. Every now and then I lick the salt from my lips and take a deep breath. I'm rewarded with a burst of sunscreen & sea and close my eyes contentedly.

I know that the sharp-eyed amongst you will be wondering why there is a slice of bread on my towel.  
Well, if you're ever lucky enough to visit my pocket of paradise, remember to bring along a 'slice of white' to feed the fish who are the true owners of my beach.  They swim in the shallows and have been delighting little children and adults alike for aeons. If they're not biting on the day you visit, there are plenty of seagulls happy to snap up the scraps.
I look back to where I've plonked my stuff and marvel that I'm the only person on this patch of the beach.
The Laguna Bay Swimmers have been doing their laps a bit further out to sea.  They use the placid ocean like a giant pool and I marvel at their lung power.  It's a goal of mine to one day do the same.
Can you see the solitary swimmer way out there. a little speck in a sea of blue?
My three friends keep one eye on them & one on me just in case there's any more bread to be had - alas, no. 
It's almost nine o'clock and the sun is starting to burn.  Rather than reapply sunscreen I decide to return home. Scooping up my gear and popping on my dress, I don't bother to dry off.  I know that the heat will have sucked out most of the moisture by the time I hit the tiles and I want the coolness to linger on my skin for as long as possible.  A quick window shop at one of my favourite homeware stores and my perfect morning is over.
Well, almost....
....I bet you could tell me what I've seen, smelt, heard, tasted and touched. 
But the name of these adventures is 'Six Senses Tours' so we have one more sense that needs to be included.  
This is what will make our journeys truly special, each 'Tour Guide' will be letting you in on a secret that only locals would 'know' about, just in case you ever decide to visit. So here's mine...

I'm really hungry by the time the key's in the ignition and decide to pick up something scrummy for brunch. Heading for the industrial estate off Rene Street I make my way to Belmondo's Fresh Food Market

I only discovered this wonder last year and can tell you for a fact that there are many locals who don't even know about it.  If you have a hankering for something scrumptious to delight your tastebuds from sandcrab lasagne to gourmet ice-cream then this is a worthy detour.....but shhh, don't tell anyone. 


Well that's it folks, the tour stops here.  Consider your passport stamped, we have visited our first destination.

Pop in again next Friday when we will be scooting off to Hong Kong, I can't wait!


  1. Hallo fellow early bird! Thanks for the Noosa special! I spent my first days in oz on the sunny coast, and can't believe that I haven't spend time in Noosa or anywhere else in that stretch of the world since...it's only a few hours away for goodness sake. Will have to make a concerted effort, now that i am newly inspired!

  2. I remember a visit to Noosa when my twins were still babies. I spent most of the time in the (admittedly very nice) apartment. I don't think I even saw the beach though - it's a pity, it looks gorgeous!

    I travelled a lot as a child and have vivid memories of Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and more. Now I live on a farm on the Great Dividing Range in NSW and we have a holiday home at Woodgate Beach in Qld :)

  3. I love this new feature - thank you. I think I want to come and live in Noosa, what a perfect way to start the day!

    I can't wait until next week xx

  4. Ahhh, a quiet beach in the morning. Obviously living in the desert I don't get that but when I visit one of my favorite places, Coronado, it's what I love to do. My soul sings. Your patch looks, sounds, feels just the same. Oh that view when you first arrive - heart be still. What a luxury you have there.
    I know what you mean about the heat sucking up the moisture, here in Phoenix during the summer I feel like that every time I walk outside :)

  5. What a total uplift for me this morning. I am LOVING this new creative sharing idea of your Felicity. How wonderful to get a sneak peak into your morning and what a 'to-die-for' morning you have had!

    I so love the beach and for the same reasons that you shared. I look forward to more pictures and exploring around the globe. I love it - Gifts of Serendipity is going global!

    Naomi x

  6. A fantastic idea for a weekly post, Felicity. Especially on a Friday. I'm looking forward to learning more about different parts of the country / world. Noosa is, as ever, fabulous! x

  7. i have never been to Noose but it is one of MM's favorite places - he actually always talks about moving there..

    You have given me a lovely insight into Noosa - maybe we WILL end up there!

    Gill xo

  8. BTW,I have never been to Noosa either!

    Gill xo

  9. This is wonderful fun. I want to see more of Noosa! The sparkles on the water made me swoon. We used to live on the beach at Lauderdale, Tas. I'd see the ocean every day often with similar sparkles, thank you for taking me there again. It was heavenly...I can't wait for next week. Emma. P.S. Enjoy your weekend beautiful!

  10. Wow - what an incredible start to the day! Such a vivid description of your patch of the world. I'm so incredibly jealous! I love the beach in the morning too, just heaven. Hope I can do HK justice next week! xx

  11. What a perfect patch of paradise! And yes, it's making those of us in cooler climates (ie Tassie) a tad envious. I have the heater on at the moment!! Thanks for sharing your spot and in such a beautiful way! :)

  12. wow, you live in a beautiful spot. and yes, I am a little jealous :) thanks for sharing!

  13. Oh I loved that post! I felt like I was there with you. What a gorgeous part of the world you live in!

  14. Just delightful, Felicity. I walked every step with you and enjoyed it immensely. So many of those sights were familiar as we've spent several fabulous holidays at Noosa. Your weather is a total contrast to the icy depths of our Hobart weather today - thanks for lifting my spirits. And bravo for this captivating idea - I can't wait to ride the magic carpet again! J x

  15. You live in a most lovely little corner of the world, my friend. You captured Noosa perfectly pretty and your writing style is a great one! How I love your idea of this tour around the globe. Cannot wait for Friday to arrive and hop on the plane to Hong Kong =^.^=
    Much love xxxxx

  16. Gosh I enjoyed my visit to your town, wish I were there! The beach looks so wonderful!

  17. What a truly gorgeous part of the world you live in! Thanks for the tour, I almost felt like I'd had a day at the beach...

  18. I was in Noosa just these summer holidays and it was a breath of fresh air. We caught the little ferry and watched the sunset as it took us along the water to Ricky's where the girls played with their cousins as we ate delicious food and drank divine cocktails. Bliss! gxo

  19. Oh my goodness! It is beautiful! So glad I found your blog, or, well, I guess you found me! :) I can't wait to see where your other readers are from!

  20. Noosa is one of my most favourite parts of the world Felicity. Growing up in Victoria we migrated north annually for 3 weeks every May for most of my childhood. Laguna Bay holds so many happy memories of time spent with my sisters and Mum and Dad. Thanks for sharing your fabulous photos.

  21. Hey Noosa..I have always loved Australia, from the time I did a Geography project on it. And one of my dreams is to visit this place. As I went through this post of yours, I initially felt sooo jealous of the amazing place you stay in. I'm a Delhite and its been long since I visited a beach. Beaches here in India are not that clean and beautiful, the way i get to see in your pictures. Your pics are breathtakingly beautiful and serene. And I imagined myself lazing around all alone in the morning with no things to think of, Just me, myself and the gems of the sea:)Here's my blog: http://aakritimalik.blogspot.com If you get time pls stop by.. and yes I love the title of your blog too:)

  22. that was a wonderful escape to your beach! thanks for sharing the link with me!!! :)

  23. Dear Felicity
    Thank you so much for giving me the link to this post. I like it, the narration is really superb with appropriate photographs.
    I read a lot about travels, places and love to know about these from others experience. This gives a very different feeling vis-a-vis what is ones own experience.
    I have some rare photographs of the Indian Himalayas at my Blog. You will like it.
    Let me see what great posts are waiting for me here.
    Have a nice day
    Let me see

  24. Great post and guidance!.. I also love the idea you've put forth here.

    Karen of This Old House

  25. I just popped over from Kamana blog. And just loved your interview.. These photos look amazing.. I just love the beach.. Would love to visit there someday!!!

    Hugs, Linda


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