18 March 2011

Six Senses Tour - Margaret River Western Australia

Hello there! Welcome to Margaret River, a little town with a big reputation for wine and surf.
We are Gill and Nic and today we will be your tour guides.  Pour yourself a glass of wine and join us for a virtual ride down the south west coast of Australia...

It has been over two years now since life, the universe and everything led each of us to make the move to Margs with our respective families. Being WA (West Australian) girls, we were already reasonably familiar with the South West. The phrase "heading down South" is often bandied around in Perth, our state's capital.
Long weekends, uni breaks, family holidays - going down south is about packing up the car and getting out of the big city.  John Butler even wrote a song about how he heads 'down south' for inspiration.

Nowadays, for each of us, this town is so much more than a place to get away to. It is home.
So let's fire up the senses and hopefully we can show you why there is no place like home.
And no place like Margs....

A convoy of Kombi vans, station wagons and camper vans along the main stretch of town.  Backpackers live from their cars in local parks and beach parking lots.  Fields of black and white cows ignore the summer population explosion.
Vineyards and tiny art galleries peep out at you as you take a drive along Caves Road.
Kids play in the street on their skateboards in the late afternoon, and so SO many stars in the black sky at night.

The Cows
Quality local produce, fresh blueberries, local organic cheese and creamy milk.
We take the boys out to the Berry Farm where we eat homemade boysenberry pie with cream.
My little boy is given free range duck and chicken eggs by one of the farm hands - we scramble the eggs when we get home and they are creamy and rich and so yellow.
My partner and I kick back with a glass of local red once the boys are tucked up in bed....bliss!

Autumn Vines and Olive Trees
Seaweed on the beach in summer and salt in the air.
Cigarette smoke as we pass The Tav on the main street, which is packed to the rafters with tourists & locals alike. In winter, you will smell wood fires burning into the crisp cold air and hot roasting coffee beans early on a chilly Saturday morning at the Farmers' Markets.

Farmer's Markets
Insects chirping at night.
Kookaburras calling from the trees.
Frogs croaking in the river and the occasional cow mooing.
In the day the parks are full of Mums chatting and kids playing.
Local musicians busk in the street or play their songs at The Tav.

Forests and Big Trees
Isolation.  This can be both good and bad.
Being three hours south of the most isolated city in the world (Perth) means Margs, as a town, has a really strong sense of community. But it can often feel so very far away from everything.
There is an artistic buzz about this town.  Writers, artists, musicians, chefs, wine makers - you can feel the creativity. And despite a fierce sense of ownership amongst the 'real' locals, there is a strong transient feel.
A whirlpool of movement is created by the comings and goings of backpackers, tourists, newcomers and people who, like us, are just wanting a sea change.

Sensational Surf
Insider Tip:  Head up the road to Fishica in Witchcliffe, a family run business stocking beautiful Eco-friendly products and resources for parents and those aspiring to a greener way of living - it's the most amazing space and so worth a visit.

There you have it - a 'Six Senses' tour of Margaret River!
We hope one day that you are able to go the distance and check it out yourself....

Thanks for having us Felicity!
What a wonderful tour girls, thank you so much! I've learnt lots of new facts about Margs that I didn't know before and even though I've had a trip to WA on my 'Must Do' list for some time, you've given me the incentive to get there sooner.  
Now Gifters you know the drill, be sure to write lots of comments either here or on the girls blog letting them know what you thought of the tour & be sure to have your bags packed early next Friday as we jet off for the U.S of A!


  1. Hubby and I have been itching to get down that way for a weekend..we have heard so much about it since moving to Perth. It's now on the 'must do this year' list :)

  2. Oh this area of WA is super special to me... it's where Mr SJW proposed! A lovely trip down memory lane... thanks Felicity and Nic and Gill... Georgie x

  3. It sounds delightfully charming and quite timely in my life today. My lovely aunt has just arrived this evening from West Austrailia!
    I must ask her if she has visited Margaret River :)

  4. Sounds like heaven over there in WA! I've been dying to get over to Margs for a long time. It just sounds so dreamy and chilled out, with so much character! Thanks for a great tour girls! x

  5. I have very fond memories of a visit to Margaret River and WA 20+ years ago - thanks for the trip down memory lane... although it sounds a bit busier now!

  6. My trip to Margaret river is one of my all time favourite memories, I had my best meal ever at Ze arc of Iris.

  7. 'Margs' is one of those Aussie places that just seems so exotic to me. I absolutely plan to visit with the family one day. x

  8. Hi Felicity, I love Margaret River, so enjoyed the trip down memory lane. Thank you for your comment & for entering my giveaway. Love that you have put it in your sidebar too!! Have a great weekend.
    Rebecca x

  9. Ahhhh my old stomping ground :)

    As a former Perth girl who used to take her summer holidays down south I really enjoyed the tour :)

    Kate x

  10. Margaret River is on my list of places to visit. Sounds devine! I know it tastes good, anyway!! LOL!! Love Margaret River wines... Thanks for the tour. :)

  11. Oh we lived 8 years in WA, and yes we used to go down south and delight the senses :)
    Great post!
    Sandrine x

  12. Ah, Nic and Gill, thanks for doing a top-notch job as tour guides. I've always hankered to get over there - now you've whetted my appetite even more! J x


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