28 March 2011

My Oh My! Floral Bling

Happy Monday!
As you may know, flowers are one of my greatest delights. Indoors or out, I just love these jewels of the earth and I try to have at least one display in my home at all times. Now to add some fun to the start of your week I thought that I'd give you an extra opportunity to enter my Birthday Bling Giveaway.
All that you have to do is savour each of the following floral arrangements from the extremely talented team at 'Saipua', decide which one you think would be my absolute favourite and tell me why.
All correct answers will go into the 'hat' as a bonus entry - yippeee!

But what's that I hear you ask? How will you know if you've guessed correctly? I'll email you of course!
So be sure to include your email address in your answer if it's not already attached to your ID.
But for now, simply enjoy these bounteous blooms...

Wasn't that a delight for your eyes?
In addition to creating gorgeous floral arrangements 'Saipua' have an online store with the most delicious selection of wrapped soaps. I think 'Rose Geranium' would be my favourite but I love the 'Winter Citrus' too.
I hope that you have a wonderful start to your week and you find moments of serendipity along the way!


  1. Hmmmm, interesting post dear Felicity! I think C) would be your favourite because it is sweet and delicate and has some natives in it as well...

  2. Oh this is so hard. I am going to take a wild card and say A. Contemporary / Modern but pretty and delicate. Big flowers for your smile and joy and smaller flowers for us to get to know Charmaine

  3. Love these flowers - I would be happy with any of them.
    Such a difficult choice - My first choice was to go with B because it is one colour, white and simple but I am going to be different and go with E - because I think you like colours and it is a lovely collection with variety and kind of spills forth with joy. Naomi x

  4. I reckon your favourite would be B because of the simplicity and purity of the single colour arrangement.

  5. Number 4 is just the most amazing blend of gorgeous delicate colours. Knowing your love of the unexpected and lovely, that would be my pick for you.

  6. I simply cannot decide between the uniqueness of A and the simplicity of C... Um... I'll go with C. x

  7. Beautiful! I have a feeling it might be C. I love C. and A., myself.

  8. Oh gosh, my heart is beating just a little bit faster than before! These flowers, your 'jewels of the earth', are stunning!

    For you, Felicity, I would choose E - because they are romantic, sophisticated, natural. Simple garden blooms, intricately arranged.

  9. A delightful idea! Hmm, I choose A with its hint of blue which I know you love and its interesting array of colours and textures. J x

  10. They do stunning arrangements. I considered them for my wedding... and they introduced me to my favorite flower Arabicum!

  11. Wow, truly magnificent! All are gorgeous but my heart lies with C, I had jam jars full of flowers for my wedding and have a soft spot for them now. x

  12. I'm going to go with B - because of the pure white, and I know that we share a love of simplicity in our lives

  13. What stunning arrangements, I think I'd pick #3 because of its simple beauty.


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