22 February 2011

Two For Tuesday - Gennine Zlatkis

Tuesdays are my favourite day of the week where I like to share a gift of art with you and to play a game.
With great originality (hmhm) I've titled this activity 'Two For Tuesday'.

New 'Gifters', or those of you who are just popping in for a peek might like to have a look at the art which has been showcased on previous Tuesdays. This can be found in the 'Art To Enjoy' section on my sidebar.

Now for the game, this is how we play:

I present you with two pieces of art.
In thirty words or less, you share a thought about how they relate to each other or to your own life.

Today's pieces are from the studio of one of my favourite artists, Gennine Zlatkis.
Gennine lives in Mexico with her husband and young family.  
She blogs almost daily about her life as an artist and the wonderful landscape and home that she lives in.

Finding Gennine through blogging is one of my greatest gifts of serendipity because I absolutely adore  her work, particularly her birds.
It is a generous artist who allows us to to peek behind the scenes into their gallery and the world which inspires them and visiting Gennine is just such a treat. I'd encourage you to visit her - I'm sure you'll be inspired!

Choosing just two pieces from my huge list of favourites was another challenge this week but I present the following for your commentary....

...I'm sure that you'd love to see more of Gennine's art, pop on over to her Etsy store and enjoy!


  1. That second image is so beautiful! Not sure I am quite ready to play today again but I just love the pieces you pick to share :) Gorgeous, Felicity! xo

  2. Looking versus seeing. How much more there is the world if we stop just looking and take a moment to really see. It's all there right in front of us.

  3. I so love the last one. That elephant and bird is just divine. Love that it is so bright and colourful. Full of happiness and joy for me. N x

  4. They are both stunning. The first one looks like the bird and the fish are connecting on some level. The elephant and the bird are fabulous, the colours, the flowers are beautiful, such a joy.

  5. i love these images...

    it is very strange but I feel like these pieces of art relate really closely to my life right now - the bird, the nature, the travel, the water - it is exactly where I am at today...still on holiday in kota kinabalu!

    thank you - my morning is starting out a little differently after seeing this post

    Gill xo

  6. 'We are one' - that's what these remind me of. They're beautiful. :)

  7. Oops I forgot to add my reflection for today.

    "Looking beneath the surface, what do we find?
    That skin, or fur, or feather, we are of the same kind."

    x Felicity

    PS Loving reading everyone's observations so far!

  8. There are so many things I adore about both these artworks, the use of colour, the detail, the hint of India, but the waterlily in the first has me swooning!

  9. You're right Emma, I hadn't seen it before but upon reading your reflection I can see that there is more than a little touch of Asia in both paintings.
    The waterlily is special, I love the way the pods look like they're lamps casting their light into the night sky.

    Felicity x

  10. I adore that first painting. It speaks to me in volumes right now having moved to a new city. It says "people from different worlds can connect and have a lot to learn from each other xx

  11. pic1: what we see above is the same below.

    pic2: we recognise ourself in others.

    Relationship: harmony

  12. 1: We all see the same moon.
    2: Feeling very maternal today, so I see myself as the elephant, my daughter as the bird. Lifting my spirit. xx

  13. Shelley, I smiled when I read that you had honed in on the moon in the first painting. I love the way that Gennine has painted it and agree entirely with your sentiments. No matter where we are, no matter what we are, we all see the same moon.

    You also made me see something in the second painting that I hadn't considered the notion of the sweet 'child' within the elephant.

    This is why I love to play this game, it opens our eyes to new perspectives and you have truly done this today.
    Thank you,

    Felicity x

  14. Ah, I only discovered Gennine this week, Felicity - what synchronicity! These two are quite striking and intriguing.

    They both symbolise interconnectedness for me. We are all part of nature, just indivisible. J x

  15. Wow...these are beautiful.
    Thanks for showing them.

  16. p.s Are you enjoying Barbara Kingsolver. I have read a whole stack of her books. I'd be interested to see what you think of it. Can't remember whether I have read that one or not.

  17. The first painting is whimsical perfection. Love it!

  18. I don't why but the first painting gave me goosebumps. I just saw the docu Exit through the Gift shop and it featured a pink elephant by Banksy. So I'm liking the second one too.

  19. love love love first one, this compositions is amazing, really like a lot!
    thanks for sharing it!!!
    have a happy happy weekend!

  20. Wonderful world you have here, thanks for sharing it with us :)
    canvas art

  21. I so love the last one. That elephant and bird is just divine. Love that it is so bright and colourful!

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