14 February 2011

Life Is An Ocean And Love Is A Boat

If you are a regular visitor you will know that I'm sharing my life with a wonderful man to whom I've given the pseudonym Captain Valentine or Cpt. V.

Many of you have written to asky why I call him Captain.
Some thought that it might be because he's a pilot, others a naval captain.
In truth he is neither but I'l share some of our story with you which might help you to understand why I chose this name for my man on this blog.

First of all valentine comes from the latin valentinus which originates from valens meaning worthy, strong and powerful. Each of these is a great descriptor of my man.  He is also very romantic but not in the soppy gooey way that you might imagine. In a thoughtful, I truly want to make you happy way.

When Cpt. V came into my life he was raising his three children [the Gifts] on his own with great love and calm guidance.  He reminded me of the Captain from "The Sound of Music" - although I hasten to add he was more like the version at the end of the movie than the beginning!
There are lots of other uncanny parallels with our life and this movie which I will tell you about another time, for the moment let's just say that I've made an outfit from curtains for the Biggest Gift.  No doubt  that will keep you wondering!

Forgive me I digressed, back to Captain V.

Not long after we started dating, I was whisked away for a week of bareboat sailing through the magical Whitsunday Islands.  Our yacht, the 'White Pearl' was our romantic haven and the first among many vessels which we've adventured upon.

Although Cpt. V was the most experienced sailor of the two of us [my sum total of guiding a vessel being zero], he was a very patient captain indulging me in my stubborn need to control the wheel whilst he calmly read out our coordinates.  Although we laugh about this [often recalled] memory from our holiday, I dare I say this was a precursor for some of what was to come.
Most particularly, the level-headed Captain supporting his First Mate through unknown waters.

My next snippet of insight into my 'Captain my captain' is the first Christmas gift he ever gave to me.

To put some context around this, I'll let you know that Christy Moore is one of my favourite Irish baladeers.
On our sailing holiday I'd told Cpt. V that Christy's rendition of the following beautiful lyrics was very special to me and that I thought it held wonderful resonance for our relationship.
In the spirit of giving something special to someone you treasure on this day, I'm sharing these special words with you. If you'd like to hear it played as you read, click on the title.

I am a sailor and you’re my first mate,
We signed on together, we coupled our fate, 
We hauled up our anchor determined not to fail,
For the hearts treasure together we set sail.

With no maps to guide us we steered our own course,
We rode out the storms when the winds were gale force, 
We sat out the doldrums in patience and hope,
Working together we learned how to cope.
Life is an ocean, love is a boat,
In troubled waters it keeps us afloat,
When we started the voyage, there was just me and you,
Now gathered round us we have our own crew.
Together we’re in this relationship,
We’ve built it with care to last the whole trip,
Our true destination is not marked on any chart,
We’re navigating for the shores of the heart.
Johnny Duhan
Beautiful right?
I've sung this tune many, many times over the last couple of years as we have navigated together the often turbulent waters of blending me into Captain V's family.

With all of this in mind, you can imagine my absolute surprise and delight when many months after our sailing holiday Christmas morning arrived and I was presented with a HUGE parcel.
It contained a stunning piece of framed art by the renowned nautical photographic artist Michael Kahn.

The 'Gifts' who had been gathered around in anticipation of my reaction were totally confused as I burst into tears. They thought their father had really 'mucked up' and I had to explain several times that my tears were of complete happiness and this was THE most wonderful present ever!  Here was our boat.

Life is an ocean and love has most certainly been our boat.
There have been all sorts of seas - calm to rough, but always I've been able to trust in our boat and its Captain to guide us safely through.

This special piece hangs in our living room and is a constant reminder of our commitment to each other.

So there you have it, a roundabout explanation of why the love of my life is known to me as Captain V. and of course I'm the First Mate, although you won't be surprised to learn that I often try to wrangle the wheel.  All of this said, we are coming into our fourth year together and the words to Christy Moore's song still ring true.

Oh, and although there isn't any sparkle on my finger yet, I'm enjoying dreaming that perhaps something like this beauty below will sit in a ring catcher like the ones at the start of this post upon my bedside table.

So dear Gifter [and any readers passing through], I've shared this snippet of my life with you as part of the 'Bling On Love' blog hop that I'm co-hosting with the truly special Blogerista Maxabella.

In the spirit of celebrating romance vs commercial schmaltziness it would be lovely to hear your stories of love and take a peek at your own bling!
You were so enthusiastic to share enticing snippets about your engagement rings after reading my post about aquamarines, that we thought that it might be a fun thing for all of us to share the bling we're in today.

What girl doesn't love to ooh and ahh  over lovely jewels, so grab your camera, find a patch of sunshine to 'bling it up' and snap away. Tap out a favourite moment from your life with the one you love and away we go - Bling On Love!  If you'd like further inspiration, pop on over to Maxabella's and read her story here.

Come on girls, jump on board and add your own bit of loving razzle-dazzle, I'd love to know your story.
Does it involve a boat or a tale of adventure?  Do you have a song?  Do share it with us....


  1. This is absolutely the sweetest post I could imagine reading this Valentine's Day. I just love hearing about love stories, especially one and genuine and inspiring as yours. Thank you so much for sharing, and maybe I'll find myself snapping a few pictures of my bling later today and posting it!

    Much love, and Happy Valentine's Day!


  2. I love your sweet story Felicity! What a lucky Captain to have you as his First Mate too!

  3. Oh my! so loving this Felicity. Thanks for the additional insight into Capt. V. What a wonderful, caring, loving man.

    Love, love, love it all and love the pictures and the stories.

    I am so hoping that a gorgeous ring is found on your finger soon {no pressure of course Capt. V!} and I think I will scream and cry with excitement when it does happen.

    Enjoy your Valentines Day. Naomi xx

  4. What a beautiful and romantic story to start off Valentine's Day, Felicity! I loved your story and the pics. You have both found someone very special in each other and (just quietly, or loudly if you would prefer) I am loving that gorgeous ring!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your Captain V ~ xx

  5. What a truly beautiful story, and written so beautifully too. Thank you for sharing so much of Captain V and yourself with us. Such a beautiful story (but of course, I am wondering if you were his children's tutor/nanny)!


  6. Dearest Felicity,

    Okay, I took your invitation serious from Sharon's blog 'My French Country Home' and I follow you down under!

    Lots of love for Valentine's Day (you are already at it...) and please visit my blog as well.


  7. truly a lovely sweet story one that I can relate too. My husband is my honey and my warm glow.

  8. This is such a beautiful post Fel. I had a little tear in my eye. The world is a better place for Captain V and his marvellous First Mate xox

  9. Your beautiful romance is perfect. He's a wonderful match for you, Felicity. x

    PS - darn that linky!

  10. What a wonderful story! I just loved it, my Captain is learning Edelweiss at school and it made me think of you and your Captain when I heard him singing it this morning! xx

  11. I don't have any bling to share but I just wanted to say how very beautiful this post is. It sounds as if you have the basis for a long, loving and respectful relationship. And more power to both of you for that :)

  12. Dear sweet girls,

    Thank you for leaving such lovely notes. I would love to be able to send each and every one of you a silver-bowed cellphane bag filled with the delicious pink-iced heart biscuits that the Biggest Gift and I made yesterday!

    As you've probably realised Mr McLinky has failed us today so if you do write a post about your love and bling please leave a message here or at Maxabella's so that we can share in your joy.

    Biggest of hugs!

    Felicity xxx

  13. what a lovely story - i LOVE sound of music so your little ode to that is just beautiful!! I put a post about my new bling a few days back - I hope that one day you get your sparkle!!

  14. Oops, sorry Mr McLinky apparently you were bedazzled by all the bling and all is well again now.

    x F

  15. Beautiful story...thank you for sharing ... and I hope you find that perfect ring

  16. I really enjoyed reading your love story Felicity, Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring and that song!
    Wishing you a beautiful day to celebrate love , the sea, the boat , the captain and the crew :)
    Your baking gesture will make many smiles shine today!

  17. Oh yes, Captain V, Valentine, Von Trapp, anyway you call it, your valentine is a one in a million. I love how you write about him, your wonderful instant family & how you work so beautifully through life together. Wishing you a lovely day filled with joy. I got roses at the Shop today, tee hee, love Posie

  18. Ah, Felicity, just a gorgeous story. A *huge* thanks for sharing something so personal with us, your fellow Gifters.

    The Whitsundays cruise reeled me in - Mr PB and I had plans to do that with some friends many years ago but then after 5 children between us, it never eventuated. One day!

    And Capt V really does sound like a fabulous 'catch' (keeping in with the nautical theme ☺) - buying you that painting with all its symbolism was a stunning and thoughtful gesture.

    I am eagerly anticipating the day when I can celebrate your left ring finger sparkling with something pretty. J x

  19. What a beautiful story. Such a perfect day to share such a beautiful love story xox

  20. Hi Sweetie The blog hop is taking forever to load - here's my link
    http://www.lifeonplanetbaby.com/2011/02/happy-valentines-day-mr-pb.html. I'll try to add it later. J x

  21. You have a beautiful LOVE story!

    My link was up last week already http://momagain40.blogspot.com/2011/02/love-and-bling.html

    Happy Valentine's!

  22. Wow, that's a lovely story. Full of symbols and all. I wish I have a piece of art that I can place at home too like that. Something simple but profound. Happy V-day!

  23. Oh you 2 sweet kids, that's too gorgeous! I'm still thinking about joining in the Blog Hop. My bling ring story involves subterfuge on MOTH's part, too much champers on mine & a night that went very pear-shaped!
    Millie x

  24. I think your capt'n is pretty lucky to have found someone who appreciates him so much. Very sweet post :-)

  25. That's so sweet! I love reading other people's love stories :)

  26. Listening to that song as I write. It's lovely, and their are tears in my eyes (his music/your words). Lovely.

  27. A little note for Andrea.

    I'm so pleased that you opened my extra 'gift' today, I'm glad it touched you - it still has the capacity to bring tears to my eyes too.

    Felicity xx

  28. Fabulous story Felicity! I love that we know now why you call your Love, Captain V.
    That picture of the little boat is just beautiful. It instills such calm and serenity to the one gazing upon it. Bet it looks fabulous in your home. xx

  29. Felicity I adore this moving love story, so enticing to know how realtionships begin!

    I have a special Valentine's message on my site!

    Art by Karena

  30. Oh Felicity what a beautiful story & you tell it in such an elequent way if only I could write like that, I am hopless, I need you to tell my story hee.
    I loved listening to the song as I was reading it made my eyes fill & I so felt the strength of your relationship you are so lucky to have that love for each other :)) Hears to many many more yarns to be told about you & Captain V love it!

  31. Hi Felicity,
    I just landed here on this post several months after you wrote it and I'm sorry I missed it the first time around. What a beautiful story, told with such eloquence (and elegance!). Your relationship with Cpt. V sounds wonderful, and the story of the boat picture and your tears of happiness, well, that made me cry. Single fathers are a pretty special bunch. My dad was one for a time. It's a difficult gig but I can't think of a better way to see a man's true colours and depth.
    x Sarah

  32. I'm way too late to take part obviously! and wish I'd found your site when this was posted. Oh the stories I could tell. I met my first mate (I'm the Captain) on a voyage back from Hobart to the Mainland after we both competed in a race. He first laid eyes on me swimming in the Triabunnah river on the East coast of Tassie with a bunch of other crazy sailors. I was covered from head to toe in yellow dye marker which our skipper had thrown in to keep the sharks at bay apparently. With this golden hue he couldnt resist me. Life is an Ocean and Love is a Boat, I love it. Its a rule to live by. Your Captain V sounds like an absolute treasure :)

  33. Such a magical tale you two have. I know a lot of ladies whose dreams aren't even that level. Very nice writing style, by the way. It somehow has that effect of floating through the story (I don't know if the font color has a lot to do with it though).

    sailing florida


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