26 February 2011

Gathering Gratefuls - A Precious Piece of Plastic

Today as we gather with Maxabella to open up our 'Grateful Lists' I'd like to share with you one of the most valuable items I own for which I am truly grateful.

It's 8.5 cm x 5.5 cm.
Made of hard plastic.

It lives in my wallet.
Has enabled me to escape to amazing destinations, decorate my home & meet new friends.
I used it yesterday and may even use it again later this week.

Any ideas?

It's my library card! 

No, seriously it is. You may have gathered from my sidebar that I love to read. Possessing an appetite for books (which another rectangular plastic card in my wallet can't keep up with) I've rediscovered my local library.

Yesterday I borrowed novels for myself, something to interest Capt. V, DVDs for everyone and the icing on the cake is a flier for a free workshop titled "Let's Get Digital" all about maximising social networking tools!

We have a hip new library in our neighbourhood which, like all bibliotheques offers books but so much more!  If you're ever visiting the Sunshine Coast hinterland town of Cooroy, stay for a little while longer, drive to the end of the main street [heading North] and you will be struck by the architectural beauty of the new library. It's worth a visit even if the library is closed and you only get to stand on the grass rooftop.

So. with over 4, 500 activities happening in my local libraries this year, there's bound to be something for everyone.  It made me wonder how long has it's been since you've visited your local library?
If you haven't been in a while you may be pleasantly surprised at what you find. It even makes a great place for peaceful blogging with their free WiFi facilities and plenty of inspiration!

Who knows, you may even be offered a precious piece of plastic of your very own!

To whet your appetite for reading right now, you must pop on over to Maxabella's and open a grateful list or three - it really is a wonderful part of my week and I would love for you to share the joy.

PS: Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes yesterday - I'm on the improve and looking forward to sharing my surprise with you next Friday.

PPS: For all of you who left a note last weekend and want to know how Captain V. fared, I've written a postscript for you here

Another card that I wouldn't mind having in my wallet - click on the image to find out more.


  1. I'm not sure I should admit this but my library card expired last summer! Shame. It was also a much used piece of plastic in my wallet up until last year. My jewelry business is what calls my every free minute. I'm addicted to audiobooks which I download now. You new library is remarkable, just remarkable.

  2. You had me convinced it was a credit card! I haven't used my library card in such a long time. Overdue fines may have something to do with it. I may have to go and pay them.....

  3. That is a spiffy looking library! The boys and I just discovered our local library and let me say, while it's only small there's a lot to discover :) Which makes me happy, because books have got to be better than video games right?

    Have a great weekend Felicity :)

  4. I'm ashamed to admit I immediately thought credit card and was preparing to respond that I love mine too.

    Although it'll never be my favourite piece of plastic I am also a fan of my library card. I recently joined my local library but I'm yet to venture inside.

    With 1 1/2 hours of daily train travel ahead of me I can see plenty of time for reading.

    Thanks for reminding me that I must go and visit my local library soon.


  5. So true. We love the library. I love that my son can borrow lots of books take them home make decisions on what he likes and dislikes reading, return them and it hasn't cost us anything so to speak which is rare in today's world. Thanks for sharing something so simple when we live in a world of too much stuff. Charmaine

  6. Ah, the pixies' library cards are treasured on Planet Baby. The best thing about them is that if your books are overdue, they don't incur any late fees ☺. So pleased to hear you're on the mend. J x

  7. Gosh, you should get platinum library membership for that plug!! We just had a massive library open up in my growing suburb, maybe i should join?? I'm not a reader, but it might be a handy place for references for my high schooler. We literally have zero books in our house as my husband, father & brothers are readers & share their books (family library monitored by my father) & i'm a scientist, so apart from some books on pharmacology & chemistr, it's just children's books & cook books. Oh the shame, we want to build a study or library or den, but don't have any books!! Tee hee, love Posie

  8. Wow your local library rocks!! Ours is really small (and has a woeful crafts section), but it's walking distance and has more than enought to keep the three kiddos entertained (so that's pretty much all I require in life :-))
    So glad you're feeling better - and so glad Capt. V had good news :-)
    have a great weekend (or at least a slightly less gross one than you were anticipating!)

  9. Ah! Felicity..we are practically neighbours...but sadly our library is not as beautiful as yours! My favourite card is gold and enables me to visit The Book Depository..at least I don't have to give back the books.

  10. oh your library looks amazing! i think i would be visiting so often to if mine where that fancy - xx

  11. I was guessing a credit card...but then I didn't think you'd be thankful for it's temptations! Love our library cards, but your library looks much more exciting than ours in Hobart! Love to you beautiful. Emma.

  12. You are SOOOO lucky to have a library in your place. I am jealous, extremely jealous....

  13. Great post! Thanks for the reminder, Have a sweet day!

  14. That library is gorgeous. You're lucky. I also need one of those Touch Wood cards. Such a great idea.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  15. your library rocks...happy weekend!


  16. hi felicity,
    you have inspired me to find my own local library - which i didn't know existed until now!
    have a lovely weekend xxox

  17. Libraries are wonderful I used to work in one and loved it. I loved the people that came into it and the books and things that went out of it. I was often found sniffing the pages of books when I was supposed to be shelving (couldnt help myself) and I loved my role as Detective solving patrons problems and mysteries at enquiries. It truly was a wonderful life and I still use my researching skills to this day. I can find anything and I mean anything instantly through the web. Your library is very spiffy I do like :)


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