27 February 2011

A 'Double Burst' of Inspiration & A Little About Me

I know, it's Sunday and I never post on Sundays, but I've had a double-burst of inspiration so here we are.

My friends Cate & Naomi are the beautiful 'double-bursts' and they have inspired me to write a list of 12 things that I like about myself.  This is actually timely as it's something that I had put down on my '52-in-52' list and writing this post will enable me to tick off one more thing that I've achieved this month - thanks girls!

As someone who has been battling anxiety and depression for many years, writing this list doesn't come easily and there is a very loud voice in my head as I type yelling "Who do you think you are, no-one's going to want to read this, 12 you can't think of 12!". Rack off Gobbler of Good Thoughts!

1.  My name means happiness and I have a big smile, laugh and heart to prove it

2.  I have the capacity to inspire others with my enthusiasm - if I truly believe in something I will bring a huge amount of energy to make it happen and convince others too that it's a great idea

3 - 7  My parents have gifted me with many lovely qualities that I'm thankful for - my lovely long locks, big eyes, shapely calves and quick mind.  My mother has imbued me with an awareness of 'presentation' and this has enabled me to create my own style. For these and many other gifts, thanks Mum & Dad.

8.  My capacity to heal - I have had some big blows physically and emotionally over the last several years and I'm still here!

9. I have an appreciation for the inherent beauty in all creatures and things

10.  Public speaking is something that I enjoy - which is probably one of the reasons why I first became a teacher then a consultant. I've received lots of positive feedback from my students, parents, work colleagues and clients - so thinking that I do this well can't all be in my head!

11. I come from a long line of 'quality' people whom I'm proud of - I like that I can tap into that

12. Creative expression has always been a pleasure for me whether writing, drawing or making something. Although I'm still finding my 'voice' on my blog, I do enjoy creating this space and hope that it brings something to others.

So there you have it.  Thank you Cate and Naomi for the inspiration - it was a nice way to start my day.
Now, I'm off to amend my '52-in-52' list then make some ginger tea and Vegemite toast.

I hope you have a sparkling Sunday and may have been inspired to write your own list!


  1. Well, there you go. I would never have thought that you had been battling depression and anxiety. You seem such an upbeat person, at least on your Blog! It was really interesting reading those twelve things about you.

  2. Well, I for one, was inspired by your 12 Things About Me post. Just the little I've read of your writing {which I think reflects our hearts} has been simply beautiful. So you have a beautiful heart. Thank you for sharing with little ol' me all the way in Indiana, USA. You are an amazing woman and your compassionate, creative heart oozes from your writing.

  3. Brilliant - what a great way to start a sunday. I hope we'll all take this positive outlook fowards with us as we face a new week :-)

  4. Oh Felicity well done. I can relate to 3-7, 8. I really want to have a go at this but I have this big negative voice. I am truly going to think about it, it is worthwhile I have been inspired by you an Cate. Charmaine

  5. What a wonderful list that is. It's a good thing to take a step back sometimes and consider ourselves and realize that actually, we're quite alright!

  6. Love you, love this post!! I opened it up but had to dash to a Pump Class & while coordinating a bar bell with lunges to the sound of Pink, i was thinking about it.
    It's fascinating that you have suffered depression but have self confidence. I love public speaking too, i can't ever remember fearing it. So come from quality people, what a headstart in life, ditto!!
    I also believe if you didn't have the best start, you can create your own brilliance with your own family, especially with the right partner by your side. Love Posie

  7. What lovely friends that inspired you to share these wonderful qualities with us. We knew we liked you!!

  8. So happy to see your lovely list, Felicity. I would love to see more of these lists as I am often astonished at how hard it is for women to appreciate what they offer and what they've got. x

  9. Thank you for your positive responses gorgeous girls!

    Augustalolita reminded me that I wanted to share with you that the photo was taken in Bali to celebrate my 40th birthday & is a reminder to that I can tame the 'Gobbler of Good Thoughts'.

    xx F

  10. I genuinely love learning more about my favourite bloggers and especially enjoyed reading your list.

    It was a lovely upbeat post to read on this miserable rainy Melbourne day.

    You've inspired me to post my own.


  11. This is just delightful! I am loving your list and the fact that you found 12 things that you love about you. 12 things...awesome!

    The added blessing is that you get to cross another 'to do' off your long list and I hope that you have printed out your own list and put it that very busy folder of yours :)

    I have to say that I think you live up to your name of happiness - there really is a lovely feel on your blog, your enthusiasm and energy comes across in your writing, your own style is present in your blog design and delightful treasures you share with us and I so hope to hear you speak some day.

    I am loving the positive support found from your readers and love that you shared this with me. Naomi x

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this Fel, and the world is a brighter place for having you in it. Love you long time xo

  13. What a beautiful list! Those are all things to be quite proud of! I think I'm well overdue for considering a few things that I like about myself. Maybe I will do this too. :)

  14. Oh, you darling girl, I so enjoyed reading this. Whilst none of it surprised me, it's delightful to see it written down. I can personally vouch for # 2 and #12. All points are so true. Take a bow, my friend! J x

  15. What a great list of qualities and I love that your name means happiness.

  16. What a beautiful list - and a beautiful person you are, inside and out.

    Thanks for inspiring me to be more positive and think about those things I do like about myself.

    Have a lovely week.

  17. A beautiful post. I can feel such a strong sense of self confidence and love of family - I can see how you would inspire others.

  18. Beautiful things about a beautiful woman x

  19. good on you - i love your number 11...the fact that you can tap into a long line of quality people is fabulous

    Gill xo

  20. Felicity, I loved this post, you sound like you've really found your place in this world. I'm so enjoying your blog. I'm following :)


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