25 January 2011

Word of the Week - Mellifluous

Do you feel like your vocabulary could do with a little zhushing?  Then this is the space for you!
Each week I will unearth a new word to play with.  If you would like to join in, write a post incorporating this week's word, then come back and leave a comment with your link so what we can all read your work.
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Enjoy using your zhushed vocabulary!

[adj.]  flowing, like honey.
Sweet or smooth, generally used to describe a person's voice, tone or writing style.

From the latin mellifluus ["flowing like honey"], from mel [honey] + fluo [flow].

Today's word is one of my favourite, not only for the musicality as I say it out loud, but also because I love what it describes.  The artwork I've chosen to illustrate this word is by Gina Marie Dunn and is titled 'Your Voice was Smooth; Like Water Running Over Rocks' which evokes dulcet and mellifluous tones in my mind.

Cpt. V has a very mellifluous voice and has often been told that he would be a terrific media presenter.
Do you have a mellifluous voice that you like to listen to? A singer perhaps, or a politician, poet or actor? Maybe you have your own mellifluous voice and will be using it to sing our National Anthem as we celebrate Australia Day.
I look forward to reading your responses and would love it if you wrote this weeks' word on your own blog to share with your readers....spread the word!


  1. I do not have a mellifluous voice in word or song. Think I'll pay attention to the sound of people's voices today and if they are like honey, I will use my new word :) (hope I'm pronouncing it correctly).

  2. Good word. I like its description, too.

  3. That is a wonderful word. Charmaine

  4. My Matt has a mellifluous voice and it is like music to my ears. So much so that at night time when we try to do our 'pillow talk' as soon as he starts talking I immediately drift off into a peaceful dreamy sleep. His voice just soothes me and he ends up talking to himself. I love it but it drives him crazy! Naomi x

  5. this is such a good idea...i'm an english teacher - i should know things like this!

  6. Thank you so much for featuring my painting as well as for teaching me the meaning of a new word. It is incredible that the word comes from "flow", because the state of flow is one I often use to refer to how I feel when I am wrapped in a painting. I loved discovering your blog. You can email me any time at utopiapkwyarts@yahoo.com or visit my website at web.mac.com/utopiapkwy

  7. Oh, I love playing with words. Some words are just so evocative.
    And mellifluous is definitely one of them.


  8. Ah, one of my favourites, Felicity. I'll try to remember it - writing on a sticky note now. J x

  9. This one has real onomatopoeia doesn't it?! Great word :-)

  10. what a mellifluous post this was. and a great idea. i love words!


  11. Love the artwork - do you know what the medium is? Just found your blog by the way and I'm quite enjoying it - keep up the good work!

  12. The painting is oil with mixed media that includes collage, ink , acrylic and watercolor.


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