18 January 2011

Two For Tuesday

A quick game for you to play today.

I have chosen two pieces of art by the talented artist, Ralph Heimans.
I'm sure that you recognise the two famous Australians, but just in case you're not sure - the first is new mum, HRH Princess Mary of Denmark, the second is the inimitable Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, mother of media magnate Rupert.

What I would like you to do, is tell me in 30 words or less how these images relate to each other.

I look forward to reading your insights,


  1. I sense a feeling of contemplation. Possibly one looking forward and the other looking back. I also get an overall sense of melancholy in both, perhaps from the soft light.

  2. They both seem to have some sort of wisdom and strength in their gaze. Also that they are taking a quite moment to ponder life...

  3. Enjoy your morning cup, sweet Felicity!
    I threw the sweet Felicity notes in the big giveaway hat, fingers crossed for YOU.
    Off to bed now... happy happy Tuesday xxxx

  4. Lovely pieces! I agree with the previous posters...I see wisdom, strength and contemplation.
    I love the last one.....

  5. Both women look pensive and the use of light on their faces is very similar.

  6. Just read your post again, love your idea. I notice a similar look on both faces, thinking or dreaming away. Something we will never stop doing, no matter how old we are.
    Have a sweet evening, Felicity! xxxx

  7. Pensive. Thoughtful. Beauty. J x


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