11 January 2011

Seven Cherubs: Evacuation Kit and 72 Hour Kit

Thank you to Naomi for the following timely and very wise post.

Seven Cherubs: Evacuation Kit and 72 Hour Kit

For those of us living in South-East Queensland I hope that you are managing to stay dry and all that you hold dear is safe.


  1. We are very wet but hanging in there.

  2. thanks for sharing my link and I so love the picture :) hope my post can help someone in some way. Naomi x

  3. i hope you and your loved ones are all safe. thinking of you all and sending our best. take care.

  4. Hope all is ok Felicity. It is heartbreaking to see so much destruction caused by the floods...And to think that we have only just come out of a drought! Hope you and yours are safe and dry xx

  5. All is well at our place despite the truly biblical rain events.
    A fast flowing stream has been flowing through our front yard for the past week but nothing serious.
    Cpt. V has been busy digging trenches to keep the water out of the pool and house and it seems to be doing the trick.

    The gravest concern is for those people living to the north and south of us who are near flooded creeks and rivers.

    Fingers crossed that everyone is safe,


  6. Ops... I hope you and yours are safe!!!


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