06 January 2011

Banding Together

One of our own special Blogeristas Lori has asked for our prayers as her husband lies in intensive care.
Please visit her here and leave a message of support.


  1. Ohhh that is so sad! I will keep her husband and her family in my thoughts
    Kisses, darling

  2. Such a scary day for Lori...I hope we hear good news soon

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  4. It's sad to see highlighted how many people obviously don't READ but just flick through dropping comments :(

    Praying hard for Tony and hoping we hear some positive news soon.

  5. I am reading "Miracle Chase" now and one of the quotes by Maya Angelou is in i which says something to the affect, "Miracles happen where there is love" - I am off to read this and to leave some love for miracles to happen.


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