17 January 2011

My Oh My!

Mondays are my day for sharing the beautiful gifts discovered across the web.

Feathers are one of my favourite gifts of serendipity and I have a lovely glass 'nest' on my desk filled with some of these treasures collected on my daily walks*.

Today I have sourced the most gorgeous feathers I could find with the intention of lightening your day amidst the gloom. If any 'tickle your fancy' click on the image to find out more details.

A gentle reminder to have a look at all of the lovely items that are being donated for The Flood Appeals Auctions.  You can keep a track of the items being donated and the auction date by clicking on the pink umbrella in my sidebar.  If you haven't already I would encourage to pop it into your own sidebar to raise awareness amongst your own followers.

To everyone who commented on my 'Hope' post, I thank you sincerely.  
To all of the lovely Gifters [there are 216 of you now!] who follow this blog, thank you for your support and sweetest of notes & emails - treasures each and every one.

*I look forward to sharing some photos of my work space soon and you will see my special affinity for feathers for yourself.


  1. Ooh Felicity, these are all so lovely, but my favourite is the ring at the bottom and when I followed the link and saw where it is from, it put a big smile on my face, I love that store :) Thank you for sharing and I am looking forward to seeing your very own collection of feathers you have collected, how special:) Wishing you a fabulous start to your week ~ Tina xx

  2. Felicity they are gorgeous look forward to seeing some more I love the first image, thanks for spreading the word on the Auction Toni has been great organising it :)

  3. Felicity these are beautiful I love the arm band I could really wear that.

  4. They are all divine, but I agree with Tina, the ring at the bottom is my favourite!

  5. Hey there! I'm stopping by from the LB Tea Party! You have a lovely blog and I am super inspired by those lovely pieces! Have a wonderful day! -Meg @ O. is Me

  6. Can't wait to see your own collection of feathers. When you described the nests on your desk the other day I immediately wondered why I don't have a desk! Just a lap, or the kitchen table if I'm lucky. All of a sudden, I think I need my own, personal work space.

    We were having a funny family conversation over dinner the other night about collective nouns - inspired by you and your owls. My daughter (4) insists that a group of penguins must be a 'waddle'!

    Lovely week to you Felicity

    x Sarah

  7. Thank you for your lovely notes gorgeous ones.

    Tina & Emma - mine too - a Tiffany wedding band Cpt. V?

    Sarah - I am truly blessed to have my own office. Cpt. V gave up his gym when I moved in with his family and it has been my haven.
    Your fun family conversation sounds truly delightful and a waddle of penguins is truly happy sounding. You've made me inquisitive to find my collective noun poster.....If I find it perhaps a post will follow.

    x Felicity

  8. That last ring is simply stunnning. What a beautiful creation:) Happy Monday, my dear
    Hope you had a relaxing weekend

  9. The cuff bracelet would be my fave I think. Hard to choose as I do love shiny things!


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