24 January 2011

My Oh My - Swimming Through A Sea Of Aquamarine

Mondays can be a bit of struggle for some of us, and so to help brighten the start to your week I've chosen some little jewels which I hope bring a sparkle to your eye.

Aquamarines and I have a long history.
They are my birthstone, but before I knew this salient fact I was already besotted.

You see my gorgeous Paternal Grandmother, or Grandy as she was lovingly known, had the most glorious aquamarine and diamond engagement ring. It caught my eye from a very early age and I'll admit that I held a silent hope that one day I might be the owner of this special jewel.

Knowing my love for the sparkly blue stone, my parents presented me with a handcrafted gold and aquamarine ring on my eighteenth birthday. This jewel was greatly treasured and I still have the band but the stone itself met with a sad demise. Floating away with the dishwashing suds one night, it was never to be retrieved despite a great scramble under the sink and through the pipes!

Now dear friend, I'm going to let you in on a secret....I've been married before.
I was a veritable child bride marrying at the tender age of twenty-two. Although I wish the story could have ended happily, after six years we agreed to say our goodbyes.

Of course you know why this little snippet of my past life is included here, the engagement ring was, you guessed it, an oval aquamarine surrounded by sixteen diamonds. Very Princess Diana - but we're talking about the early 90's so I'm sure you'll understand.
My memory has erased the name of the jeweller who designed the ring to my specifications but they did a wonderful job and I was thrilled with the result.
Again the sad reality is that the ring has disappeared.  I had it until quite recently and then after moving house, it quite literally couldn't be found.  I'm very careful with my jewels and it is a great mystery which I would love to have resolved.

And what, you may ask, was the fate of my Grandy's ring.
Well my lovely cousin Tiffany, who is the daughter of my Grandmother's only daughter, inherited it after Grandy went to play amongst the angels.  She has a beautiful daughter of her own and so the ring will be treasured and hopefully passed along family lines for many years to come.

Knowing my previous history with these jewels I'm thinking that it might be a good thing that Tiffany was its recipient although it doesn't stop me from dreaming that one day a lovely blue stone will one day grace one of my fingers again.

So, do you have a favourite stone?  Is it your birthstone?
Perhaps there's a piece of heirloom jewellery that has influenced your own dreams and choices, I'd love to hear your story.  If you'd like to find out more about the rings featured in today's post, just click on the image and you will be taken directly to the jeweller.

Here's to a wonderful start to a fresh new week with many opportunities to appreciate some gifts of serendipity,


  1. How beautiful! I have a beautiful rose gold Amythes ring that I adore. I never wear it as it's huge - but I love knowing it's there. It came from my gran and it was passed to her by her aunty - so it's got a bit of age on it. Hmmm I wonderwhat my birthstone is......

  2. so so so pretty. love the color and the vintage look. so classic and timeless.

  3. I loved my maternal grandmothers ruby ring. So my engagement ring is rubbies and diamonds. I think blue topaz is the birth stone for sagittaurius which I also have as a dress ring. Charmaine

  4. Oh fascinating, my sister was the girlie girl (ballerina) but i got my maternal grandmother's engagement ring - two tiny saphires & a diamond speck, setin platinum (a metal i'm NOT allergic too) & even more meaningful that my grandparents shared over 60 years in married bliss (read: my English Grandad slept in another room due to snoring). I also got both grandmother's pearls, no idea whey they skipped my sister, yet another reason she no doubt considers me to be the spoilt baby of the family. Oh well, she got our auntie's opal, all was not lost. Plus i have 3 girls, she has one.
    I was married at 22 also, my husband (25 at the time) called me his child bride, luckily our teenage romance has lasted & stood the test of time (consider moving interstate every 2 years, twins, losing parents, buying houses, he goes off to war leaving me at home with the children - we've had out challenges & so called stresses, but we're relaxed) & this year it's our 14th wedding anniversary, our eldest in high school, 4 happy children & he's still my whole world. We're very much "blame the situation, not each other" kind of people.
    I can't imagine the feeling of losing that ring in a move (my fear) but the way you appreciate having Capt V & his gifts in your life, you know how lucky you are now. Love Posie

  5. Love that you start the week with a sparkle! My story is a bit different, I was a child bride as well but several years into our marriage we hit a rough patch and my engagement and wedding rings were also stolen. When we returned from overseas where we had been based, we both recommitted to our marriage and the engagement ring I wear represents the new start and love we have for each other. Strangely, my first engagement ring was gold but the one we chose together second time round was platinum, because I knew what I really liked by then.

  6. They are lovely rings Felicity. I have to say though, I'm a traditionalist and love the plain old diamond.

    Now, just want you to know that I've passed on The Versatile Blogger award to you. Do with it what you will.

    Ky xx

  7. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

    I just had an idea - we should all do a link-up showing our engagement and wedding rings some time? Would be fun. I'm mad for checking out people's bling. x

  8. My favourite gemstones are Emeralds....which are also my birthstone (sheer coincidence). I also absolutely adore rubies.

    I love your beautiful blog.

    Thanks so much for stopping by mine and following too!


  9. Oh, Felicity, thanks ever so much for sharing this all with us. Aquamarine is heavenly. And I can't believe what infernal luck you've had with your rings! Gracious me. My birthstone is the blue sapphire or the emerald, depending on website I read! I love them both. This is a lovely post. J x

  10. I love all your stories about the aquamarines~~~ floating in memories, floating in suds & floating on daughers hands of daughters~~~

    I have always loved engagement rings that are not diamonds. They have always been special to me whenever I see one.

    Thank you for visiting me today!


  11. What beautiful rings! I love aquamarine, & also blue tourmaline. Blue is my favourite colour, my engagement ring is a saphire with 2 tiny diamonds. For some reason I seem to attract pearls - I have inherited & been given several items of pearl jewelry. My favourite are the black pearl earrings I received from my husband & daughter over 10 years ago, I think I have worn them almost every day since!. I was married at 22 also, but luckily I still am :)
    happy Monday to you.
    Mrs BC

  12. Both my mother and myself have special aquamarine rings. My mother's was a gift from her parents. Mine was a 5th wedding anniversary gift from The Farmer. It is a cabochon cut in silver. Very simple and made more special by the fact that we bought it together from Tiffany's on 5th Avenue...

    They are such gorgeous stones.

  13. Ahhh love them all Felicity as you would expect! Did I tell you I found a jeweller in Adelaide who is going to make my new wedding ring? I would love to show you the design but he doesnt have a website or post his designs online. Next visit to Adelaide I will take my gold and saphire stone with me have a fitting and it will be made. Then Ill go back over and collect it. Very exciting I kind of like the difficult and lengthy process to get it. I think the first ring you have posted here is divine.

  14. Felicity,
    Thank you for your lovely note. It's been a while since I have received anything hand written! Your words mean a lot to me. Catherine

  15. Oh Felicity you write so beautifully, what a gorgeous story!! I have just aquired an heirloom my first. My adorable Nan past away at the great age of 101 (1 week before her 102 b'day) & is now dancing in the great ballroom above, anyway my mum (Nan's daughter) inherited most of her jewllery & pasted on a ring each to myself, sister & my daughter I wear it with pride & each day I look at my ring & a smile comes to my face as another memory of my gorgeous nan comes to mind!! :))

  16. Such lovely stories dear Gifters!

    It seems that my love of the light blue stone is shared and I'm more than a little envious of you sweet Farmer's Wife being able to select your very own from Tiffany's 5th Avenue - very, very romantic!

    I loved reading about everyone's gem preferences and the special place that heirloom jewels have in many people's lives.

    I agree with Ms Bella that we should have a bling linky where we share our favourite jewel - so keep an eye out on her blog for that one.

    To finish on the happiest of notes - I'm sending a big hug and cheer to all the child brides who are still with their lovely husbands.

    Felicity x

  17. I have never seen those rings before. Love them.

    Your stories associated with them had me on the edge of my seat. How brave you have been with choices you have made and how supportive you have been when the ring you desired went elsewhere.

    I so hope that you can find your treasure soon.

    I so love rings and my love is for sapphires. Matt got me a new ring for our 10th wedding anniversary. It has 7 sapphires for 7 cherubs and 10 small diamonds for 10 years. I about died, I so love it.

    Here is to hoping that 2011 sees a new ring on your finger..hee! hee!

    Naomi xx

  18. I noticed you started following me today. I just wanted to stop by and say "Thank you!". :)

    Your blog is absolutely charming! I adore your style of writing, your blog design, and just everything!

    Those rings are beautiful. I hope that you do someday become the owner of that beautiful ring of your Grandy's. And I'm glad that you found happiness again after your first marriage. :)

    My favorite "stone" would be pearl. There is something about it's purity, it's beauty, it's divinity that just mesmerizes me. Pearls fit me very well too. I wish I had more pearl jewelry. :)

    Thank you again for following me. I'm your newest follower, and I look forward to seeing more of your writing! :)

    Felicity, at {Simple Elegance}

  19. Love these rings. One of my favourite rings is a big ruby set in platinum - a gift from the Huzz after the birth of our son. I also have 2 gorgeous big dressy Swarowski rings which add a little glamour to any outfit. Hope your missing ring turns up again soon.

  20. I love and adore that aqua ring, have seen it and coveted it myself on Etsy. I had a moment recently when I thought I should re-set my aqua (you know the one) in rose gold like that one. But I am happy with my lot. I always notice an aqua, so I am as obsessed as you it seems. Fingers crossed your ring comes to you, I am certain it will. Simx

  21. Hi, Felicity. So this is what sparked a fab idea! Glad to have found your blog. Lovely jewels--and I mean the stone, and your words.

  22. That's a huge gemstone in your sapphire ring, too bad you lost it on the sink. The rest of your rings are also beautiful even the gold diamond ring.


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