31 January 2011

My Oh My - Lustrous Pearls Of Strength And Beauty

So here we are at the end of January already and what a month it has been!
In addition to the usual busyness of starting a New Year, many amongst us have had our mettle tested in one way or another.  Destructive weather, serious illness, the loss of homes and livelihoods, deaths of loved ones, the list is not a happy one.

What has endlessly inspired me during these dark days, has been the irrepressible nature of those who have been beset by these challenges and those who have reached out to make a real difference to those in need.

For those presented with troubles, I have witnessed with admiration as these women moved forward with strength, honesty and grace.  
Like the most beautiful pearls which form when a grain of sand enters the oyster shell irritating its owner, these women are taking their unanticipated dilemmas and coating them day by day with thoughtfulness, patience, healing tears and resilience.

They are women we admire, they are women we care about.
They inspire us, they help us reflect on our own lives and give thanks for what we have.

I would love it if you could spend a moment today to join with me in honouring these wonderful women by creating a strand of Lustrous Pearls together.   

The way that I see it working is that you can either:
1. Write your own post about someone who has inspired you this month and add it to the Link or/ 
2. Simply write their name and add their blog URL 
3. Please don't feel limited to adding just one 'pearl' - let's create a lovely long strand together!
3. Once you have added your own pearl, be sure to visit some of the sites listed and leave your own note of encouragement or thanks
4. If you would like to share this idea with your own readers I've created a button in the sidebar which has a link back to this post and our strand of lustrous pearls.

I know that the community of bloggers who read this are a thoughtful and sensitive group and hope that those of you who are added to the strand know it is your inspirational fortitude rather than your challenges that are being held up to the light.  
Some of you will protest that what you are dealing with isn't as significant as someone's elses worries. The point is that the way in which you have dealt with your issue has been an inspiration and THAT, not the size of your problem is what makes you lustrous.

I sincerely hope that this is a positive way to end our first month of 2011 together.  


  1. What a gorgeous idea...oh but spoilt for choice - honestly. I have been constantly inspired by all the wonderful bloggers who have donated so much of their time and effort towards helping those in need. So many have done so much this month. My inspiration-meter is off the chart :-)
    But I will put my thinking cap on and see if I can narrow it down to a couple of dozen names!!

  2. Hi Felicity,

    So beautifully composed and intended. I love this idea as I am often at a loss on what to do. These women have been on my lips often, just the other day I was telling my hairdresser about those who have initiated or participated in acts of kindness and support. I love the idea of blogging it too. Thanks. Emma.

  3. what can I say? I SO love this and will find the time to put together a post about this for sure...Felicity you are a gem, a treasure who like a pearl is getting better with time and age.

    Your own learning and developing with blogging, combined with your life experiences is so lovely to have a sneak peak into and be involved in.

    I love how you are reaching out and making a beautiful and unique difference for women and encouraging others to find peace, healing and happiness.

    Those pearls are just gorgeous and of course they are going to look great on my new blog! Ha!

    Naomi xx

  4. Oh Felicity, what a wonderful idea and such a beautifully written post. x

  5. Another gift of serendipity from the lovely Felicity :)

  6. Ah, Sweetie. Yet another compassionate gesture from that huge heart of yours. The three already mentioned are the ones I would have chosen. I'll have to have a little think! J x

  7. That is such a sweet and thoughtful post. I know that over here in England when we were watching the terrible flooding that was taking place in Australia, our hearts and prayers went out to all those who were affected by it. I suspect that the real work is only just starting, as people try to get their homes cleaned up. Terrible. We also saw on the BBC news how everyone was coming together and helping each other in any way that they could, which was really inspiring to see.


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