22 January 2011

Gathering Gratefuls

A Gift of Blossoms
Last week I had popped over to Allison's place, where she was hosting her regular Weekend Rewind.
My eye kept sliding over to some gorgeous pink blooms in the sidebar and after spending some time with Allison I found that the lure of the pink petals proved too much and I went off to explore.
This is the thing that I love about blogging, you find yourself wandering down all sorts of interesting paths and every now and then are rewarded with the most delightful gifts of serendipity.

The pink blossoms belong to Victoria and she has created a lovely space called Hibiscus Bloem.
I spent a long time discovering all sorts of interesting things and would encourage you to visit, if you haven't already.  Victoria is a talented photographer and has a great eye when it comes to seeing beauty in the 'everyday' - this photo is one of her favourites taken in 2010, I'm sure you can see why.

You may have noticed that these blooms are now displayed in my sidebar just above my list of favourite places to visit.  Thank you Victoria for this sweet gift which I will enjoy daily and which will no doubt catch the eye of many visitors to my space too. x

A Recipe Shared
Maxabella recently wrote about our blogging world being a little like a village and others of you have talked about how blogging is like having great neighbours with whom you chat over the fence. I couldn't agree more and one of the things that I enjoy is swapping quick and easy meals to create for our families.

This week on the advice of A Farmer's Wife I made her very easy and scrumptiously delish 'Very Easy and Unauthentic Thaiesque Chicken'.  To say that it was a hit is to understate it and the best part was that everything was either in the fridge, freezer, pantry or garden.
If you're looking for a perfect weekend dish, this is it! It's simple and delish [great to wash down with a chilled glass of something-something] but take a tip from the newly initiated, 2 birdseye chillis can really whack a whollop, half may have been enough!

Technology - The Enabler
Without a doubt I am a child of the technological age and not having access to my laptop or internet connection is akin to losing an elemental part of myself [I know sad...but true].
Mock or scorn me if you will but this week I have finally been able to enable our wireless modem and my world is definitely a happier place.
Choices for when and where I read, research and write have been expanded infinitesimally and I'm such a happy camper.

Margy B's Easy Peasy Totally Yummy Biscuits
My mother [Margy B] is a baker - I am not.
But in times of desperation [three children cooped up inside due to incessant wet weather] we do things that we would never usually dream of.  So it was, that on Thursday the Gifts and I had a mammoth baking session - using the following recipe which I have been enjoying since I was a little bean.

We created over a hundred mini biscuits and had the best fun doing so.
In fact, the first thing the Gifts did after greeting Cpt. V upon his return from work, was to make him sample the buttery sweet goodness of these yummies, such was their enthusiasm.

The eldest Gift was so proud of her work that she whipped out her camera and took some select photos of the mounds of bikkies ala Donna Hay and I think even she would have been pleased with.
The best thing - the recipe is so simple that the two eldest Gifts will be able to bake them independently and as they freeze really well - we should never be short of lunchbox treats [or so the theory goes!].


Margy B's Easy Peasy Totally Yummy Biscuits

4 oz butter
1 egg
1 cup Self Raising Flour
1 cup Plain Flour
1 cup Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla

~  Cream butter and sugar
~  Mix in the egg
~  Add vanilla
~  Sift and add both flours
~  Roll into 4 - 6 balls
~  Roll out each ball between Gladwrap until the thickness that you desire
~  Cut into shapes and add toppings [we had jam drops, sprinkles, chocolate buttons, cut up jube lollies -  
     you could also add sultanas, chopped nuts, mini M&Ms - pretty much whatever you like!]
~  Bake on Baking Paper in a moderate oven for approximately 10 minutes [depends on your oven]
~  Allow to cool then enjoy!
~  These store well in an airtight container for about a week [if they last that long] and can be frozen by 
    laying between sheets of Baking Paper in an airtight container.


You, Yes You!
To receive a note, be it in this space or sent via email is such a joy.
This week I have been blessed with a bounteous amount and I thank you sincerely for your thoughtful and insightful gifts.
Thank you also to all of you who follow along and receive the 'gifts' that I wrap up for you each week.

Enjoy your weekend and remember to pop on over to Maxabella's to join in with other lovely Blogeristas celebrating all that they are grateful for,


  1. Oh you are just such a sweet heart! It is so nice to stop and appreciate our neighbours - and to appreciate the gifts they give to us.

    Looks a very yummy (and nice and easy-peesy) bikky recipe too (thx!!)

    have a great weekend

  2. Oh i just baked 3 dozen cookies not using this ace recipe, promise next time!! Gorgeous blooms, ah, nothing better. Blogs are so much fun, for those who don't get it or think we're silly, well they are missing out!! Love Posie

  3. PS i've never met a Felicity who wasn't a complete delight, maybe the odd cheeky one, but always a tonne of fun!!

  4. Well I think your post has put the biggest smile on my face today :))) I love the picture of the Roses so will pop on over for a peek at victoria's blog & the biscuit recipe will have to be made in my house soon i need some more items for school pack ups thanks Felicity!! :)))

  5. You're a gem, you are. Not just because you're one of the nicest people in blogland, but also because you're thoughtful and CLEVER. Loved this post and Victoria's flowers (are they peonies?) have given me a little skip to my step. x

  6. Such a truly lovely post AND a recipe as well. What a beautiful blog you have and yes, I do like that it brings many of us together, a sort of virtual chat over the fence with the neighbour. Have a lovely weekend x

  7. Ah, gorgeous girl, thanks for introducing me to Victoria - I'm now following her and admiring her pretty patch in Blogland. That baking session sounds like it was a treat - it may just have to be replicated on Planet Baby! J x

  8. Hi Felicity..just can't take my eyes of those peonies...words cannot describe the beauty of them adequately. Love the form and colour but I can also imagine their petal softness and fragrance as though I was holding them close to me!

  9. Hi Fliss, you're always full of beautiful words and thoughts. Thanks for giving us a gift of serendipity in a recipe, beautiful flowers and your lovely thoughts! (As soon as I get my energy back, I'll be baking some of those biscuits!) xx

  10. Congrats on the freedom your wireless will bring you, I forbid you blog in the bath though! I agree blog world is a lovely little community, and it's windy paths (as in convoluted, not the air sense) are a fascinating little journey. Such an easy medium for learning, sharing and inspiring! Hope you're having a great weekend! x

  11. Well hello Felicity, it is so lovely to meet you and thank you for stopping by my little blog. Oh yes, I do love those gorgeous photos of Victoria's. She is one clever lady indeed. Thanks also for the recipe tips. Thai chicken curry for dinner tomorrow night and cookies in the oven today - oh joy!

    I am so glad to have discovered your blog (thanks to Maxabella for getting us all thinking about the big and the small in our lives that we are grateful for) and you are so right when you say the blogging community can be a bit like a village. For an Aussie girl like me who is on the other side of the world (and yes, I know it all sounds so wonderful to be living in Europe, but in reality its just doing the daily 'stuff' but in a different country) far from friends and family, its so nice to read about the lives of others through their blogs and have these wonderful little chats and ''meet'' people like you.

    Wishing you a great weekend.
    Alison x

  12. Those peonies are divine and probably the size of a dinner plate.
    PS: its always a pleasure visiting your blog :)

  13. The photo of the peonies reminds me of my parents garden. My father is VERY PROUD of his peonies! I have been meaning to try the unauthentic Thaiesque curry at some point, I must give it a go this week and the biscuiuts sound lovely and very simple (always a good thing!) x

  14. such a beautiful picture. You can't help but smile when you look at those pretties. I have a soft spot for 'blossoms', my third little cherubs name xx

    So kind and thoughtful Felicity. I'm going to pop over and visit Victoria now.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.xox


  15. Hi Felicity. Thank you so much for the lovely words about my blog and the photograph. I've already had 2 new followers via your lovely blog now! A great recipe shared for these biscuits - I'm way too partial to biscuits I have to say, but not so great at making them, so I might just have to try these out. Wishing you a great weekend.

  16. What a delightful way to end my weekend, stopping over at your place to smell the blooms and have a jam drop with a cup of tea. Thanks for being such a lovely blogging neighbour. xx

  17. love, love, love this post. I think I might need to get my chelsea on to making these biscuits and I totally heart those flowers. your blog and posts are just getting better and better. Naomi x


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