31 July 2010

Quick location update.

Today I'm in Nepal, tomorrow will take me to Peru and then I'm off to Morocco.

I'd love it if you would join me.

In fact how would you like it if you could travel to 365 awe-inspiring locations for less than the price of an inflight meal?

Each day in our home we turn another page of 'The Earth From The Air' by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.
I'm sure that you've seen the images before and perhaps like me you are lucky enough to travel to a different location via his stunning images and the interesting facts that accompany each one.
But it's what we do next that really warms my heart.

Captain Valentine's youngest is eight and is simply fascinated by geography.
After we find out our new destination from 'Y A-B', we go to another amazing tome 'The Travel Book' by Lonely Planet and again are met not only by stunning images but facts that are informative and fun.

Each opening tells you:
General Information About the Location
The Best Time to Visit
Essential Experiences
What to Read, Listen To, Watch, Eat & Drink
Surprises To Be Found
and my absolute favourite..In A Word - a commonly used word, phrase or colloquialism to put you in sync with the locals.

And so to end I share a little bit of my recent travels....

Ssalamu 'lekum [hello]

La Noche es larga [the night is long]

Namaste! [goodbye]

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." St Augustine

24 July 2010

Warning: This is a 'naked' post!

By this I mean no fancy-pants graphics or images just a little message to let you know that I am still alive and kicking...just.

The serendipity has been flowing fast and furiously in my corner of the earth but as Sophie [my laptop] is still not operating at even close to 60% capacity I've been stymied in my ability to share and connect via the blog.

It's got me thinking about the role that technology [and in particular my laptop] plays in my life and how pivotal quick and easy access to the internet has become. 
Conclusion: laptop = vitally important and effective internet connection = a right not a luxury.

How about you, have you been in a similar position to the one I'm in now with limited techy tools?
Can you recall how it made you feel [I've got to confess I'm experiencing something close to savage withdrawal symptoms myself!].
Perhaps not having your computer/iphone/ipad/blackberry etc gave you a different perspective on how you utilise technology in your everyday world...perhaps you started using it less or with greater discernment.
Whatever your perspective I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time,

X! Felicity

09 July 2010

08 July 2010

"Houston we have a problem!"

My wonderful laptop & #1 assistant in life Sophie [yes my computer has a name] has been feeling poorly of late and not been performing 'up-to-speed'.
So we've agreed that she deserves some much needed 'R&R' and we will both be absent for a couple of days while she relaxes in a setting similar to this...

[sotto voce ...when really we know that she'll be having her gizzards rearranged and a big internal clean up will be undertaken - eek!]

Not possessing an iphone or similar snappy techy tool with which to post,I will attempt to wrangle some time on Captain Valentine's HP [shudder]to keep in touch but reality deems that I probably won't be posting.

So until next we meet, may there be much serendipity in your world,

x Felicity

06 July 2010

This isn't so much serendipity as reality...

Enjoy your Tuesday...

PS You may have noticed another Giveaway in the sidebar. The gorgeous Sam at 'The Nest' has put together the most amazing little package of French lovelies from her recent travels. Click on the button and cross your fingers...bon chance!
x F

04 July 2010

Have you discovered 'Blog This'yet?
They are a team of super-creatives who provide a great space to learn and play.
One of the fun things that they do is to host challenges. They are up to their 50th and so have called it surprisingly '50 Things'
There have been some interesting entries so far and as the prizes up for grabs are pretty 'spesh' you'd better be quick to jump on board.
For my part I've decided to enter the following list - hopefully you fulfilled that New Year's resolution and took that speed-reading/quick skimming class so it won't be too arduous to get through. 
You never know we may even have a few people in common...
50 People I’d Like to Sit Beside Or At The Very Least Across From On A Long-Haul Flight*

Captain Valentine - the love of my life

Nelson Mandela - my life hero

Isabel Allende -my second favourite author of all time and a lady with a whole lot of chutzpah & life wisdom!

Hugh Jackman -as long as his lovely wife Debra Lee Furness wasn’t present

Deepak Chopra - for deep insights and a soothing diction to put me to sleep

Nigella Lawson - because she’s a culinary goddess in my mind plus I wouldn’t feel guilty indulging in a second helping of dessert

Sting -actually a great combo would be Sting and Hugh Jackman, not that I’m greedy or anything [I actually know someone who has sailed on Sydney harbour with both of these gorgeous men and their wives - some people have all the luck!]

Elizabeth Gilbert -another great story-teller with a beautiful mind

Dan Millman - practical life affirmations and great stories would abound

Julia Roberts -I love her smile and there seems to be a depth to Julia that is special

Paulo Coelho -my favourite author of all time - he could tell me a tale in English or Spanish and I’d be in heaven above the clouds

Sir Richard Branson - especially if it was a Virgin flight, but mostly because he has such an enquiring mind and zest for life

Billy Connolly - really, I need to explain this? It’s a long flight, I need to be entertained!

Oprah Winfrey -so sue me, I think she would be fascinting - and who doesn’t have a dream to be a guest on her show before she pulls the plug hmmm?

Andrew Denton - the man has a way of drawing out the most interesting facts from his guest interviewees - I’m sure that he’d prove to be an amazing coversationalist

Maggie Beer -she seems to exude such joy for life, whether it be about the food she’s cooking or her beloved Barossa, I like her style

Yann Arthus-Bertrand - as long as he didn’t want to hog the window seat. I’d be able to express thanks for the joy he brings each day in our house via his book 365 days from the air

Geninne Zlatkis - one of my most favourite bloggers and a truly beautiful artist - she's living my 'ultimate life' [for more go to http://blogdelanine.blogspot.com/]

The Dalai Lama - I'm sure if we were left to our own devices that there’d be lots of giggling and a great vibe

Jennifer Byrne - we’d talk books, books, books

Harry M.Miller - I’d ask him to share stories of the most amazing people he has managed and I’m sure the time would literally fly by

Julie Johnson - a truly special lady whom I’ve taken great inspiration from via Blogland - I’m sure there’d be much to talk about [http://juliejohnsonblog.blogspot.com/]

Colette Dinnigan - style beacon #1 - I’d be drinking her in

Tetsuya Wakuda - Well you know I’d be able to say “I’m having what he’s having.” Because he would choose the most amazing food plus he’s a very accomplished man with many stories to tell

Stephanie Alexander - there’d be a long conversation about her project to get kitchen gardens and cooking classes into Australian schools

George Miller - one of my favourite Australian movie makers - a creative genius

James Morrison - James seems to be the ultimate larrikin musician. I’ve admired him and his music for a long time and think he’d be an easy-going co-passenger

Dr Fiona Wood - one of Australia’s treasures

Shaun Tan - I’d be swiping any ‘doodles’ left behind when he leaves his seat

Nancy Bird-Walton - a famous female aviator + a long-haul flight - the stories she’d tell [I know she's gone to the great white aviatrix cloud in the sky but it would be lovely to meet her and hear her amazing tales]

Michael Carr-Greg - any parent of a teenager would love to chew the ear off this wise man

Mirka Mora - a creative mind of the most wonderful kind - there’d be much to learn

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki - this man’s mind is phenomenal and if I got at all worried I’m sure he’d not only have a practical solution to the problem and put my mind at ease

Lucy Malouf - author of the fabulous cook & travel book Saha - I’d be interested to hear all about her journeys and insights

Richard E. Grant - I’m not sure how long I’d manage to remain calm if his enigmatic stare came my way, but I’m sure I’d find a way to cope

Judy Chapman - author and spa specialist, I’d be picking her brain for the ultimate spa experiences in Asia & beyond

Clint Eastwood - I’ve really admired the thoughtful films that he has made in recent years and the many lives he’s lived 

Sir David Attenborough - I’d like to hear him say in his characteristic way “...and here we have the waitress...an elusive creature...though beautiful...she stalks the aisles....” etc

Ewan McGregor - the movies, the trips, the lad - there’d be much to find out

Noel Whittaker - finances aren’t my strong suit by a long way and Noel seems to be able to put the most challenging fiscal speak into laymans terms [this would be the education I wish I’d had in my 20’s

Bill Clinton - people pay big bucks to be in the company of this charismatic man - if I’m forking out for a premium ticket on a long-haul flight I want value! Plus I'm a non-smoker so I'd be fairly 'safe'!

Margaret Olly - one of Australia’s artistic treasures and a feisty one at that!

Steve Jobs - I might even be privy to the next big thing in computing and imagine the possibilities if he became a follower of my lowly blog!

Cate Blanchett - a living screen goddess and inspiring mum

Head of Veuve Clicquot Cecile Bonneford

Meryl Streep - there’s something about this lady that is pure genius

Pat Rafter - there’s more chance of me knocking into him at our local basketball club [no really this is a possibility that I hope to make happen very soon] than sitting on a long haul flight but I can be greedy and wish for both!

Janet Holmes a Court - I read her autobiography many years ago and was struck by her intelligence, integrity, grace and determination

If you’ve got this far down the list then I’d pick YOU for your persistance and interest in what I have to say!

...and because last is never least AND because I wanted to bookend this list with my two favourite guys - George Clooney - I know you won’t need any explanation!
As this brings me to the end of my list, I’m musing about the 50 people I would totally NOT want to sit beside me on a long-haul flight!

NB: Except for the first and last entries this list is in no particular order and I would be thrilled to pieces to sit beside any one of these people. The list is very Aussie-centric but I hope that it proves illuminating in some way...

03 July 2010

This poem by Lewis Carroll can be read from both left-to-right and top-to-bottom. You could probably say that it's the ultimate palindrome.
I find it to be both clever and romantic in its quirkiness. For a little bit of 'wordy-nerdy' fun, try reading it with someone else, one person taking the vertical lines, the other the horizontal...

It's predicted to be cold and wet in my corner of the earth this weekend, so we'll be cracking out the
board games & red wine and enjoying a lovely warming meal or two.

I wonder if Captain Valentine will be inspired to pen his own palindrome poem or perhaps just let me beat him at Scrabble for a change? Either would be satisfying.....

Here's to a serendipitous weekend,

02 July 2010

Flat pebble + still water = lots of fun!

In celebration of the simple things...take a child or
find your 'inner child' and do some pebble skimming
this weekend...my best score is 12 but I have no
doubt you can beat that!

To see more gorgeous artwork like this pop on over to here...