29 June 2010

As I was drifting off to sleep last night something came to mind that I'd like to share with you....

This is an old advertisement and was much pilloried when it was released.
For me it encapsulates some of my favourite elements of my blogging 
adventure over the last month. 
Through the wonder that is the Blogging community: 
1. You are able to visit new and interesting destinations*
2. There is a never-ending stream of beautiful and creative ideas and 
products to experience
3. The unexpected and lovely are true gifts and a constant source of 
delight - hence my blog name!
4. We are all connected [albeit by a sometimes tenuous thread]...
By entering a space, leaving a comment or choosing to follow someones
blog, you have connected with the author and others who have shared 
their space.
5. Meeting and interacting with other like-minded people is a constant 
source of delight
6. Inspiration and creative energy is to be found in abundance
7. New paths and doorways are forever being presented for us to enter
8. Different perspectives are always on offer
9. Fun spaces to 'play' and create are lovingly nurtured
10. The Ripple Effect is truly in evidence 
I'd love to hear your thoughts....

* For those of you reading this from outside Australia who may perhaps 
be unaware of the vastness of our continent for me to 'actually' vs 'virtually'
visit the wonder that is inner-city Melbourne where this video was captured, 
I would have to drive approximately 1800 kilometres which would take 
twenty hours if I went straight through without stopping....
Thank goodness for planes and beautiful blogs!

28 June 2010

It's school holidays in my corner of the earth.
The amazing Tim Macpherson has a few ideas about how you
can keep the kids busy using everyday household items...

So you can burn rubber @ 200kmph, surf the perfect break, hit the slopes

AND go for a lazy trot all without leaving the confines of your home.

On second thoughts if you are bold enough to promise your daughter a pony ride you should probably come through with the real thing or risk being clobbered with a face like this!

"Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures." Jessamyn West

One of life's pleasures is to belong to a reading group.
The one that I enjoy was formed in February this year. We are an eclectic group of women brought together on the second Friday of each month through a wonderful local bookstore 'The River Read'.
Each month we read a book as suggested by one of the members and then come together to 'lay bare our cards' over a cup of coffee.

So far we've taken some interesting and varied journeys together, we've been to:
  • Sydney's Pittwater with Susan Duncan in "Salvation Creek"
  • Convict Tasmania in Richard Flanagan's "Gould's Book of Fish"
  • 19th Century circus life in "Modoc" by Robert Helfer
  • Hawaii, Bali & Chicago with Barak Obama in 'Dreams of My Father'
  • Contemporary Japan in 'The Housekeeper + The Professor' - Yoko Ogawa
  • And most recently, inner-city Melbourne through the lens of eight contemporaries in Christos Tsiolkas' "The Slap".
This last book wasn't an easy read for me and I felt many times that I was 'literally' [pun intended] being slapped by the language used, and shaken by the scruff of my neck to examine my underlying values.
It is therefore aptly titled and we had a really lively and revealing discussion.
One of the comments that was made has stuck with me ever since.  

"We are human, we can't help but judge."

There was a long pause after this was issued and then several heads nodded their agreement.
This obviously meant something different for each of us. For me it struck true that even though we'd all like to think of ourselves as open-minded, thoughtful and aware people, it's not until we are put into a confronting, challenging or unique situation that our values and judgements can be truly tested.

So, to the image for today.  It comes from one of my favourite web spaces created by 'design traveller' and evoked an instant 'Wow!' when I saw it.
Immediately I thought that it would be a great space to have a meeting, especially if creative ideas or endeavours were to be discussed.  Better still a place to gather those who require reconciliation. 
You know the phrase [or something similar] ..."Those who live in voile houses shouldn't throw matches" 
...well methinks that this is the perfect place for bringing together anyone who requires a little 'peace-making'.

May your day be full of serendipity and happy page-turning if you're reading a great book.

PS: Am about to turn the first page of Douglas Kennedy's "A Special Relationship".

PPS: If you're an avid book reader then you're probably also a great book sharer.
To keep track of all that you lend have a look at Twig and Thistle for the most beautiful DIY Personal Library Kit and all the other wonderful things to make or do!!!

27 June 2010

Thank You to Amanda Fuller from Calico & Co for creating your beautiful blog space and for hosting 'Paper Week' which was brim full of fabulousness.  
Amanda is one clever cookie, so if you haven't already, pop on over and see what's happening.

Thank You Amanda for your amazing giveaways which I feel very privileged to have won yesterday. Looking forward to receiving a gorgeous notebook [which I will be using to contain my bloginspirations] sourced from the superb Nothing Sketchy

And now a little gift for you...

powerlinerflyers from wes johnson on Vimeo.powerlinerflyers from wes johnson on Vimeo.

Thank You to the truly special Geninne for originally sharing this video.

Thank You for stopping by. Enjoy your Sunday, I hope that it is filled with many serendipitous moments...

26 June 2010

Yeah it's the weekend and the winter school holidays in my corner of the earth.
To celebrate I'm participating in the 'What's Your Style In One Picture' challenge hosted by The Right Bank. The idea is to find one picture that sums up your design style. Well this is it for me....

This picture evokes so much about what brings me joy at this time....
The gentle sunlight, a verdant view, a place dedicated to relaxing in the fresh air, comfort plus, muted yet crisp colours, simple seaside elegance, a touch of whimsy provided by the sheer curtains. In 'short' a lovely space to spend time and gain inspiration.
If you've read my blog you'll know that the hammock is king in my world, well this El Primo.

Enjoy your weekend,

25 June 2010

Stick out your neck + stretch your 'self' = who knows what will happen next.

Today do something different. It may feel uncomfortable at first but then most of the good things do!

Image Jens Hansen

24 June 2010

These little beauties are from the Noosa Farmer's Markets which is one of my favourite places to visit on a Sunday morning.
Captain Valentine and I are on our own tonight so we'll be enjoying these 'au natural'...the strawbs not us!

PS: Here's to the magnificent Eumundi strawberry & our new strawberry blonde PM [I'm stretching it I know].

x F

A couple of questions for you...

How do you feel when you receive a 'real' letter or parcel in your letter box?

How long has it been since you've sent a 'real' letter, postcard, parcel or poem?

Have you ever sent something to someone 'just because'? By this I don't mean for a birthday, anniversary, congratulations or some other celebration, but just because you were thinking of that person.

Who would get the biggest burst of delight in receiving a 'real' letter from you?

Where's the paper, envelope and stamp?

Enjoy the giving,

PS: I'd love to hear about what happens next
PPS: Just found this lovely idea for sending a hug at the wonderful Julie's blog 'It's the Little Things'

22 June 2010

Image Felicity Bezer

Today marks the third week that I've been hosting this blog.  Thank you to everyone who has jumped on board with comments, regular visits or taken the plunge and become a follower.
To mark the occasion I share this quote from John Barth the originator of the terms serendipity and serendip.

Here's to another week of blogging serendipity!*

* If that sounds vaguely like swearing to you [as it did to me on reading it back]...oops!

21 June 2010

© Agócs Írisz

How long has it been since you've swung in a hammock?
In our house we are fortunate to own several and they are a favourite place to 'sway' for all of us.

One of the special things that I enjoy is when Captain Valentine and I get to share the upstairs hammock, it's a Queen size so is very comfy and never tips us out.
Lying back [preferably each with a glass of something-something in hand], we watch the clouds and find creatures in the ever-changing fluffiness.
We do this on dusk when the sky is full of colour and occasionally on a moonlit night when the kiddies are tucked up in bed and pushing out Z's.
It often happens that one of us will see a 'creature' before the other and have to quickly describe it before it fades away...

"Can you see the duck?"
"Do you mean the demented dinosaur-thingy?"
"No, the duck..."
"Oh yes! Over next to the platypus thing!"
"What? No that's a duck, well it was when I first pointed it out!..audible sigh"

These are sweet moments and one of the simple pleasures that I treasure.

I wonder if you look up to the sky now, whether or not you can see a cloud? If you can is it my missing platypus thingy or something else that takes your fancy?

Enjoy your day and the simple pleasures it may give you... perhaps even some time spent in a hammock,

PS: I can hear your audible sigh and exclamation "Felicity it's Monday, none of us have time for lying in hammocks and looking at clouds!", my apologies... this post was written for Sunday but then a grey ball of fluff came along and bumped this into Monday.  Anyhoo, you can still notice a cloud whatever day it is and perhaps it will spark your imagination and give you a little serendipity.  xx

20 June 2010

Snoozing Sunday

Thank you to Kimberlee for sharing this beautiful image.

"Oh ain't she sweet, 
  well she just purred herself to sleep.
  Oh I ask you very confidentially:
  Ain't she sweet?"

Happy Snoozy-Sunday, perhaps you might find some serendip under the covers. Well at least a lovely dream or two!

x Felicity

19 June 2010

If you visit you may just find serendip....

Image Felicity Bezer

Winter is a glorious time to visit my corner of the world as many of my southern cousins know.
The weather is mild, the beaches are beautiful and there is so much to do.
One of the many wonderful festivals that is hosted at this time is the Noosa Longweekend [so called because the weekend goes for 10 days...now that's my idea of a weekend!]

The festival begins in earnest today and is jam-packed with fabulousness...theatre, literature, music, food, forums, dance, film, with many celebs and simply gorgeous creative minds mixing it up.
If you can't make it this year, mark it on the calendar as a 'must-try' for 2011.

Enjoy discovering serendip this weeekend,


18 June 2010

'Fast + Fun' Friday

Image courtesy Photobucket

Two wheels + carbon frame + windy weather + 2 excited hounds = 1 crazy monkey [me] riding my bike wildly through our neighbourhood yesterday accompanied by our dogs.

Have a wonderful weekend,


PS I wonder if my cycling jaunt gave anyone in our neighbourhood a moment of serendipity?
I know it would have been unexpected, but lovely...?

17 June 2010

Serendipity In The Winter Sun

Not today's friend as I wasn't quick enough with the camera,
but another that I saw recently.  Image Felicity Bezer

Sitting at my office desk I have just been gifted another moment of serendipity.

It is a sunny winter morning in my corner of the earth and although I should be doing something ‘useful’ like cleaning, weeding or sorting through paperwork I am at my desk preparing this post.
Our home is a double story ‘Queenslander’, which means that it’s a large rambling timber building with wrap-around verandahs, corrugated iron roof and lots of character.  
My office is downstairs and is a glorious space. It faces east with double doors and my desk is oriented so that the gaze is drawn out onto a greenscape of clipped hedges, emerging jonquil shoots, green lawn and gum trees.
Lying in the sun on a giant cushion outside my door is one of our ‘hounds’,Luke.  He’s pushing out zzz’s and blissfully oblivious to the world around him.  So much so that when a large Kookaburra swooped down and guzzled an earthworm on the lawn not more than three meters from him, he didn’t budge.
I on the other hand, was truly captivated and stared in wonder at the contrast of this birds’ large creamy feathered head, strong wings shot through with iridescent blue and the way he could see such a tiny grub from so high up in the tree.
He has finished his wormy snack, cleaned his beak on a branch and is now chortling his satisfaction for all to hear.
Lovely and unexpected.
Enjoy your day, may it be filled with at least one moment of serendipity,

PS If you pop over to Catherine Ivins blog, Olive Bites she is hosting a competition to win a gorgeous brass locket from Locket2You.

15 June 2010

One of my favourite things to do started when I was a little girl.
Being fortunate to grow up in a family where reading was highly valued and a good book something to be treasured, I was often found curled, up lost in a world created by an English or Australian author such as Enid Blyton or Margaret Mitchell.
Imagine my delight at eight years of age, when we moved to a house that was directly across from the public library!  
Serendipitously the librarian’s daughter Lindsay became my best friend. When we weren’t riding horses or motorbikes on her farm, we were snuggled together in a comfy place reading a book or creating our own fantasy world based on something we had just read.
Lindsay’s mother eventually managed to steer me in the direction of more ‘substantial’ tomes but my love of finding a special place to while away an hour or two with a great read has endured my entire life.
Today in my bedroom I have a lovely old wing-back that we call the ‘Story Chair’ and beside the chair is a woven basket of books for young and old to read together. 
One of my my favourite images of late has been to see the two younger children [11 & 8] curled up in the Story Chair under a snuggly rug reading to each other.
Imagine how wonderful it would be to snuggle in to this bed to read or imagine.  It appears that the owner of the bed has just put down their book but I would be surprised if there isn’t a torch hiding under the mattress for reading under the covers later.
I think I might ‘pretend’ to be naughty just to get sent to my room if I lived here!
Enjoy the serendipity of discovering a new book or author or even a different place to read.
x Felicity
PS: Thank you to each one of you who has stopped by and left a comment or become a friend of this blog.  Today marks the second week of my adventure and it has been rich with discovery and connection.

14 June 2010

Serendipity of the Seasons

Happy Long Weekend to all the Australian Bloggers!
Something that I truly miss living by the beach is the glory of Autumn & winter colours.

Trees changing their wardrobe for a couple of weeks, new jewels to adorn their limbs. All accompanied by a sharp crispness in the air.
It is in times like this that I find solace and inspiration in the artwork of the talented Holly [the artist-otherwise-known-as] Gollybard.  Her whimsical and warm images are truly lovely and it will be no surprise to you that her feather and nest series are a special favourite.

To further delight you, I've also included a few little buggies...
And for the fashionistas and designers amongst us here's her homage to the late Alexander McQueen...

All images by Gollybard

But enough about what I love about Holly's work,  you should really take a peek yourself at her site or her Etsy store.

Delight in the serendipitous,


13 June 2010

Serendipity at Mealtimes

Do you have a home filled with tradition and ritual?

In our home, Captain Valentine and I enjoy lots of both that I look forward to sharing with you over the following months.

One ritual that we have done for some time now is to discuss our 'Three Favourite Things' of the day over our evening meal. This is where we take it in turns to share what we have enjoyed, found to be fun or liked a lot. You would be surprised by the amount of conversation this generates....and it has really resonated with the 8yo who usually initiates it each night!

Another thing we do is on Sunday evenings we give thanks to those at the table who we feel have supported us, brought us joy, made us laugh or just made us happy.  We don't have to mention everyone in the family but invariably we do.

Inspired by the beautiful entries contained in "Saying Grace - blessings for a family table"  and free artwork at Feed Your Soul we now have a pile of 'Grace and Thanks' cards that sit on our dining room table which will provide both inspiration for extra thanks and [as if we need it] generate more starters for evening conversations.

I hope this was serendipitous for you, and that you might try something similar in your home.

I'm sure that you've thought of it already...these cards are a a lovely way to prompt entries for journal writing, philosophical conversations in classroom [and beyond] and as a general stimulus for creativity.

x F