07 December 2010

Two for Tuesday

A quick game for you to play today.
I have chosen two pieces of art by the talented artist, Rafal Oblinsky
What I would like you to do, is tell me in 30 words or less how they relate to your life at the moment.

Looking forward to reading your responses,


  1. The second one represends what I would like to do tonight...Relax and chill a bit!
    Happy Monday, sweetie

  2. 1.I must quickly hang out another load of washing 2.reminds me to stop, wish, wonder - in order to achieve fulfilling things I should spend time reflecting on my dreams.

  3. I can never resist a game. These are brilliant images.

    The first image is what life is actually like - unravelling.

    The second image is what life should be like - resting (preferably having reached the moon first).


  4. The first painting is me not being able to get it together. I feel like I just can't keep up lately...so tired and scattered.

    The second is me right at this moment in time...eyes on the screen with my feet up on the desk, just chilling.

  5. Ok here goes.
    1. I am at the beginning of a long creative path
    2. I need to put my feet up more often

  6. love these shots:
    The first one made me think of my path or journey I am on to rid myself of clutter and to try to be healthier in my choices.

    so tough to say so few words!
    Naomi x

  7. My life is the first one…constantly thwarting the unravelling. I dream of the second one. So content and relaxed. Are all her jobs done already…or does she just not worry?

  8. The second one: That's me, laid back and taking in the moments. Peacefully happy. Sarah

  9. First print reminds me of how dreams, expectations have been unraveling around me. Second print I love! I’m getting through by focusing on the little things, the simple things in life.

  10. the second image, the woman looks relaxed, in control and has time to sit and be deep in thought, by herself in solitary thought...
    this relates to me because I am the opposite and have noooone of this time just to be deep in thought, I think this was me 10 years ago before kids before business ventures

  11. The first image totally relates to my life: I'm a mother of four and a fulltime nursing student.I have to get Christmas ready. Deal with kids and their activities. And study for two major exams in the next week.
    ....I'm unravelling...
    Great idea this post...gets your readers thinking...and whining :)

  12. Well Lovely Ones, you really have come up with some truly interesting interpretations for these 'Two For Tuesday' images.

    Diana - I hope you evening unravelled as beautifully as you hoped.

    Chantal - It made me laugh to think that you could see washing in the first image as this is what I did today - load after load of clothing and towels - trying to beat this interminable rain!

    Ms Bella - too true!

    Ky - I liked the image of you chilling as you typed! x

    Naomi - What a clever interpretation - you actually made me see the first image in a totally different way - very positive! x

    Cate - Life's constancy is a bit like an unravelling isn't it. I'd reckon the second lovely lady is just one cool bean.

    Sarah - Yeah for you!!! I think we all aspire to be a bit more like the second gal.

    Mann Fam - This is such a positive outlook 'in spite' of the 'goob' happening around you at the moment. I hope that there are many more of the second image in your life and much less of the first as the New Year unfolds. x

    Selina - I like that you see the strength of the second woman - being in control - well she does have the moon at her feet after all!

    Sandra - Best wishes for your upcoming exams. You sound like a very determined and focussed woman and am sure that these qualities will get you through the coming weeks. Hopefully you can enjoy some moments, resting your feet on the moon after the chaos of the 'silly season' has passed. x


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