21 December 2010

You Are Gifted

A question or two for you.
Do you find it easier to give than receive?
If someone pays you a compliment, are you able to receive it graciously?
How readily do you seek or accept the help of another?
If there is advice being shared are you the giver or receiver?
I have long been a better giver than receiver.  In fact I am still learning to receive graciously but am pleased to say I am getting better and some of this is due to my interactions within this lovely blogging world. 
When I was little, I was taught the following rhyme, it’s a little cheesy but the sentiments are sound and we now use it as one of our ‘Grace’ cards before our evening meal.
The more you give,
The more you get.

The more you laugh,
The less you fret.

The more you do unselfishly,
The more you live abundantly.

I have received much in my first six months of blogging.  
Some gifts have been physical in the form of lovely giveaway prizes, most though have been less tangible but far more precious.  The gift of friendship has been the most surprising and wonderful.  Never did I imagine that I would meet so many like-minded people in such a short amount of time.
When I started this blog it was with the intention of creating a special space to celebrate the beautiful and unexpected finds that I uncovered in my everyday life and on the web.
The title was derived from my awe at the abundance of beautiful things, amazing people, gorgeous images and special moments that I uncovered as I meandered from one delightful blog space to another - regularly uncovering the ‘unexpected and lovely’. 
I hope that you have enjoyed your visits to my space and felt as though you may have received a little something that you could take away - an idea to try, a new word to use, an image to inspire, a different perspective perhaps.
Every time I have opened up my space and seen that someone has left a message, or that a new friend has joined in, it has brought a huge smile to my face and brightened my day immensely.  I thank each and every one of you for your generosity, kindness, insight and humour - you are my gifts [all 196 of you!!!] and I feel abundant in your company.
As I close today and for this year, I would like to share a gift that I received from my friend Jane at Planet Baby.


Jane has passed on the ‘You Are Gifted’ award which 'recognises some of the special people in Blogland who entertain, enrich, inspire and lighten our lives a little with their words each day.'

If you haven’t met Jane yet then you really must visit after you’ve finished here. She has created a lovely space for you to visit which is brimful of warmth, intelligence and enthusiasm.  If you have a penchant for lovely stationery, literature and linguistics or anything French, then I’m sure, like me, you will spending lots of time with Jane and her lovely young family on Planet Baby.
So now it is my turn to ‘Pass the Parcel’ to just a handful of Blogeristas who have directly impacted upon my life in the most positive ways.

To Naomi who nurtures Seven Cherubs - here is a woman from whom I have learnt so much these past six months.  Naomi has taught me that parenting doesn’t have to be something that you muddle through [although it’s OK if you do] but can be developed as a treasured vocation.
As I’ve grappled with the challenges of being a Stepmother, she has helped me to see that there are many different ways to be a mother and even though these aren’t my own children I am parenting them.
Naomi brings such warmth, wisdom and fun to raising her seven cherubs and she shares all of this with us so generously.  She has been a great encourager of me personally and of my foundling blog and I feel truly blessed to have met her and call her friend. 
To Maxabella Loves - Here is a woman who has a killer combination of intelligence, creativity, wit and a generous heart.  
I’ve learnt much from Ms Bella and have been buoyed on more than one occasion by her encouragement, techy skills and great humour.
Her posts and comments are always thoughtful and she turns a phrase in a truly unique way.  If not for the tyranny of distance I’m sure we would enjoy a regular glass of wine together - as it is, I look forward to catching up with one of my favourite Blogeristas at her place or mine via the written word.

There aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I want, including reading all of the blog posts that I subscribe to.  Someone who seems to be able to make the most of every waking second and whose posts I always read from ‘cover to cover’ is Tina from Rubies Place.  Tina not only sees potential for beauty in the most unexpected items but she has a special talent for transforming her visions into reality.  She not only does this, she generously shares how she did it so that we may be inspired to ‘have a go’ too.  Her thoughtfulness, warm character and enthusiasm are all qualities to be treasured and will ensure that she is a ‘stand out’ in her chosen vocation as a teacher.

And so to close.
A butterfly alighting on a flower just as you bend to inhale its perfume.
A blue wren darting from the undergrowth as you wander a garden path.
A friend discovered in the most unlikely of places.
All of these are gifts of serendipity and just like you my dear friend - unexpected and lovely
I wish you every happiness for a bright and loving Christmas and look forward to all that we will share together in the year to come.

* Apologies to the original 'Gifter', I've remodeled your gift a little, you see I've always wanted to open a small Tiffany blue box and this seemed like a good opportunity!


  1. congrats on your award! I love Jane, Naomi and Maxabella too. I don't know Tina yet, so thank you for the recommendation!
    I'm accepting an award today too (eeek), so I would love you to pop over and 'meet' me :-)

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It has always been a pleasure to visit you and look forward to many wonderful posts in 2011. Congratulations on the award. Charmaine

  3. Hi Felicity, I just found your blog and loved reading through so far. Can't wait to spend more time and enjoy your posts (from the past and into the future)! Hope you have a lovely Christmas. Emma.

  4. Wow! how wonderful and exciting that you received this award. You sure are gifted in your vision, inspiration and way with words. I so love dropping by your blog and finding a feast for my eyes and my mind.

    You are seriously too kind in passing this award on to little ole me and just quietly I was super excited to be on your list!

    Your lovely words touched my heart and I really think you are already doing a incredible job in the motherhood department - you just needed someone you don't know to tell you.

    Reminder 'You are doing a wonderful, awesome, incredible and inspiring job in your motherhood role and I look forward to what 2011 brings for you and your family.'

    I love that you call me friend and we so need to catch up one day soon. Naomi xx

  5. Lovely post. I like that little poem very much, will be jotting it down. Sometimes I think of blogging as a modern day penpal thing. There are blogs that when I visit, I feel a "connection" to right away. To answer your question, I am also a much better giver than receiver. I am okay with compliments but less so with gifts, though one of my favorite things to do is pick out, wrap and give presents.

  6. What lovely things to say, Felicity - I am quite overwhelmed by your kindness. You know I feel the same way about you and your peaceful, calming blog. It has been a treasure to visit every one of your posts. x

  7. Another inspiring post Felicity! The smutty me had trouble with the opening bit (lol) but as usual you made me think. Your description of my sister, Maxabella is spot on. I love the space you have created here and look forward to stopping by in 2011. xx

  8. Oh, Sweetie, I've finally found a moment to read this delightful post. Thanks ever so much for your kind words. As you know, I'm so thrilled to have found you this year, my twin-separated-at-birth-surely friend! You've enhanced my appreciation for life no end.

    And what beautiful choices you've made - I wholeheartedly concur. All three are charming, caring and thoughtful souls who make my life a better place. I agree with Bron about how peaceful and calming GOS is - it resonates with zen. Onwards and upwards, my friend - 2011 will be a fabulous bloggy year for you! J x

    PS You had me swooning with 'foundling'!

    PPS No apology necessary - that little blue box has me weak at the knees ☺.

    PPPS I'm also much better at giving than receiving. That said, I've only ever found you gracious.

  9. Miss Felicity, I am lost for words. I am certainly a much better giver than a receiver, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words. You are truly so, so lovely, Felicity. Congratulations to you on this award and for everything that you have accomplished this year, you have been a huge inspiration to me, especially with my studies! I am so grateful to have 'met' you this year and I am very much looking forward to sharing all the fabulousness that 2011 has to bring. Merry Christmas to you and yours and best wishes for a wonderful New Year. Huge hugs to you from me ~ Tina xx

  10. Why it is so difficult to accept compliments? I know I really struggle.

    I much prefer to give whether it be a compliment, a gift or a piece of advice.

    I'd like someday to have the confidence to accept a compliment graciously.

    I'm so glad to have discovered your blog and have really enjoyed your posts.

    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  11. What a lovely post Felicity!


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