02 December 2010

The Art of Living

Here we go on a new adventure!
From this day forth, Thursdays in my space are going to be focussed upon 'The Art of Living'.
These posts will have a decidedly personal flavour where I will share vignettes from my everyday life.
You will see snippets of my family and my home. This beautiful corner of the world in which I live will also feature and I will share some of my creativity too.
And so to begin....

Life in 3D

Here I am with my gorgeous man, Captain Valentine.  
We are sporting our very best 3D movie glasses and have just enjoyed a brilliant night of Retro fun with the kids [also wearing similar glasses*] rocking out to, of all things, Neil Diamond and Abba!

Let me just say at the outset, lest you get the wrong impression, that this wouldn't have been my first choice of music [honestly!] but the girls are really into 'Glee' and had recently 'discovered' old school tunes via the show. They were so excited that we had a huge selection of these songs and there was much dancing, loud singing and laughing. At one stage a dodgy brown wig made it's way onto the scene so Cpt. V briefly sported a more hirsute visage!

Captain V. has recently got a bit of teasing from one of his female work colleagues who had stopped by my blog and read my pseudonym for him.  He was pretty cool with it though as he really is a very thoughtful, romantic, understanding and generously wonderful man.**

We have been together for over three years now and he has brought much richness to my life, in fact you could say that I have gone from a world of 2D living to one that is multi-faceted and at the very least 3D!

One example of this is that prior to moving in with Cpt. V's family I was a single gal living in a beautiful beachside apartment with a busy vocational life, wide circle of friends and oodles of expendable leisure time.
In the past three years I have become a StepMum to three, moved into a stunning home on acreage and have traded my full-time job for a small educational consultancy.

Without the constant love, support, patience and guidance of my wonderful man this transition could have been horrendous. As it is there are still kinks to be ironed out but we are moving forward together and I am very happy to be sharing my life with this most remarkable man of integrity and light.

We are working our way through life together hand-in-hand and for this I am eternally grateful.

And that dear friend concludes the first 'The Art of Living' segment, I hope that you have enjoyed learning a little more about my life.

A hug from me to you,

*    art installation anyone?
**  written at the risk of him receiving more drubbing


  1. That is a beautiful conclusion:)
    That photo is so cool and we sounds like a great guy:)

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful scarf GIVEAWAY today, just in time for Christmas.

  2. Miss Felicity, I have indeed enjoyed learning more about you (and your wonderful Captain V)! Such a beautiful post and such a happy photo :) Now I have to admit that Neil Diamond WOULD have been one of my first choices, but shhh don't tell anyone ;) Thank you so much for popping my giveaway on your sidebar, you sweet and wonderful friend. I am looking forward to your next Art of Living post:) Happy Thursday ~ Tina xx

  3. well this is just delightful - super excited that you are letting us have a small sneak peak into your life and yeah! we have a picture of Captain V - I so love how you cherish him and how he is adding another dimension to your life.

    So wonderful to read a positive, uplifting post about a couple in love who are on a journey together to be the best parents and couple that they can.

    your words are making my heart sing and I am so looking forward to future Thursday posts.

    Naomi xx

  4. I think that sounds like a perfect night and Abba and Neil WOULD be some of my first choices for some dancing tunes. Love them both. Looking forward to your future Art of Living posts!

  5. Oh, Honey! I'm so glad you have started this series - it was just what I'd been hoping for! Start as you'd like to end, they say - and what a fabulous, moving start you're made ☺.
    Bravo you.

    Captain V sounds like the bees' knees. A bit like Mr PB! Wow - what a transformation for you in such a short space of time. My heart is singing, too. J x

  6. Felicity - really enjoyed this post. It's great to know a bit more about you - the realities of life and the highs too. That is something we all share - so it's good to be honest and grateful. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more...
    G x

  7. Wonderful post, and I am loving those glasses..

  8. What a beautiful moment you have captured - laughter is divine isn't it?? xxxCate

  9. You asked us, your followers which direction we'd like you to take and I couldn't comment. I didn't feel it was my place to say. It is afterall, your blog. The very thing I love about it is that it is uniquely you, as this post so beautifully demonstrates. I loved reading this...you found the new direction!
    X Briohny.

  10. Oh just gorgeous! I love it when bloggers are real and that's why I'm so glad I stumbled across yours! I'm also an Aussie living in Los Angeles now. But I grew up on the Gold Coast and spent most of my childhood school holidays up in Noosa. I love that part so very much!
    xox tash

  11. What a fantastic picture - you look like such and happy couple. Gorgeous!!

  12. Thanks for stopping by gorgeous ones.
    Diana - he is a great guy!

    Tina - thank you for your feedback, you know it means so much.

    Naomi and Jane - you were my inspiration for sharing more of my self, so thank you for the encouragement dear ones.

    Jeanette - You're welcome to 'rock on' to the classics at our place any time!

    Georgina - thank you for your sweet sentiments.

    Farmers Wifey - thanks for joining in - I'm happy to send you a family set of the glasses - we have a 'few' to spare!

    Cate - too true & there should be more of it generally speaking!

    Briohny & Tash - Thanks sweet peas!

    Lizeylou - Happy is as Retro does [or something like it], it was a great night which has become a wonderful memory.

    xxx's to all, F

  13. Hi Felicity, found your blog via Aussie Mummy Bloggers. Great post - thanks for the intro to you!


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