10 December 2010

Gathering Gratefuls

Each week Maxabella whips around the hat for us to pop our slip of paper containing a list things that we are grateful for.

Here's my list for the second week of December.

My gorgeous Mum, Margy B - enjoying her birthday. I'm so happy that she continues to share her specialness with the world!
Sixty + and rocking the moves on and off our court - Go you good thing!

Excellent report cards - all three Gifts received pride-inducing reports for the second semester of the year.

Cpt. V starting his well-earned summer break today!
To all of you who have stopped by, commented or decided to follow along -  a sincere Thank you!
You are the sparkle that puts a tap in my toes....x

So now it's your turn.  Head on over to Maxabella's to add your own list of goodies!


  1. Love being a bit of your sparkle, Felicity. Well done to those awesome Gifts of yours. Aaaaand... go Margy B! You rock!! x

  2. Oh, Sweetie! You never fail to make me smile with your choice of photos, you toe-tapper, you! Nice set of pins, by the way ☺. J x

  3. love the list and what an awesome mum! fit and terrific :) well done on the report cards and hope you enjoy your break! Naomi x

  4. Congrats to the kiddos on good school reports! It makes you proud and makes you relieved that they are doing well - happy and succeeding.
    Have a great weekend xxxCate

  5. Happy Birthday to your mom..she sure is rocking it out.... and wonderful report cards well done Gifts ... Have a wonderful weekend Felicity...

  6. Such a sparkly sweet grateful.
    Well done to the Gifts on giving you mummy pride.
    Happy Saturday !

  7. Great to stumble on your blog.
    I love your list xoxo

  8. Sweet Peas, you are THE BEST!
    Two clarifications for new readers:

    i. They are definitely not my pins tapping in the photo - although that would be lovely! [Thanks Jane for believing they were. x]

    ii. The Gifts are my step-children and although I parent them full-time with their Dad, Cpt. V, we make a point of making my role clear for reasons you will surely understand.

    OK, now that I've got that out of the way, I'm off to watch Cpt. V carve up the waves, perhaps I'll take some photos of the early morning beach to share....see you soon,

    Felicity x

  9. It's Lovely that you still have your Mum and she is still Enjoying Life...

  10. What a fabulous list!
    I too am very proud of the reports I read yesterday.
    and Happy Birthday to your Mum.

  11. Go Margy B - so great to see! I'm grateful for lovely reports this week too. :-)

  12. Ohhhh I had forgotten about report cards. I suppose I'll get them this week? Happy birthday to your mum as well. Love Maxabella’s linky idea. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. OMG, you just reminded to dig up 4 school reports from my children's school bags. I had a P&C fundraiser straight after school & didn't think to look for them!! Happy birthday to your mummy too, love Posie

  14. Wow hope I am learning to play tennis so I can play with my son. I would love to be playing ladies tennis in my sixties. Love the last photo. Charmaine

  15. Well done Little Gifts. You and Capt V must be so proud :-) Loving the picture of your mum. What a goer! And blog fans... well I'm one of them. Oh, and lovely smile in that pic ;) xx

  16. Sometimes having school aged children can seem so hard, too hard in fact, but, at the end of the year when all is well, it is so worth the hard work. Congratulations to you, Capt V and the Little Gifts.
    Pamela xx

  17. How cool does your mum look!! We got pretty good reports too - so nice :-) And we love following along :-)

  18. I love great report cards, well done to The Gifts:) Visiting from Maxabellas. Jen



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