15 December 2010

Word of the Week


Do you feel like your vocabulary could do with a little zhushing? Then this is the space for you!
Each week I will unearth a new word to play with.  
If you would like to join in, write a post incorporating this week's word, then come back and leave a comment with your link so that we can all read your work.
To make it easy for us to find your W.O.W word, incorporate the button into your post.  

Enjoy using your zhushed vocabulary!

[n] from Yiddish meaning a confused situation or affair;
a mess

Shemozzles they take many forms,
I've been in one or two.

I don't know how we got to this,
My brain has turned to goo!

PS Thank you to Kerri from Driftwood Interiors for inspiring this weeks' word via a lovely email that she sent. x


  1. I am very familiar with this word and use it quite regularly.

    With some of the family activities I try to organise, at the end of it I throw my hands in the air and announce 'well...that was a Shemozzle!" but seriously good fun at the same time :)

    I am expecting a few more Shemozzles over the Christmas break. Naomi xx

  2. Look at that adorable picture! So, so cute!!

  3. ah yes, this word is in frequent use Chez Pirate...

  4. Ah, that should slip into my next post nicely, Sweet One! I am pleased to see this spelling. Lately I've seen 'shamozal' and found that a little perplexing ☺. J x

  5. I use this word a lot too. I always thought it was spelt differently though? Shamozzle? You learn something new every day.

  6. cute photo. I would think it's some made up rubbish that's slang and used often but with no actual dictionary definition ;)
    Well thank you for clearing up that shemozzle ;D

  7. That photo is so amazing...and thanks for the new word:) Kisses, my dear

    Ps: I am hosting a charming scarf GIVEAWAY today, just in time for cozy Christmas!

  8. great idea and great photo!

  9. Fabulous idea! and the photos goes so fabulously well with Shemozzle :)

  10. There's a blog I read called '4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle' and her website is shamozal.blogspot.com
    Different spelling, but same meaning!! Mind you if you had lived in as many different countries as her with 4 kids, you'd know the meaning of this word too!!
    Going to try to use 'my' new word in tomorrow's post :-)

  11. What a great word - I've never heard it before. I must find sometime to use and to baffle a few people !!!


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