01 December 2010

Word of the Week

Do you feel like your vocabulary could do with a little zhushing? Then this is the space for you!
Each week I will unearth a new word to play with.  
If you would like to join in, write a post incorporating this week's word, then come back and leave a comment with your link so that we can all read your work.
To make it easy for us to find your W.O.W word, incorporate the button into your post.  

Enjoy using your zhushed vocabulary!

[adj] unruly; uncontrollably exuberant; wildly boisterous; difficult to control

A mighty tanty on the floor,
The sausage it was unctuous.
Little Sally had grown horns,
Her behaviour was rambunctious.

{Image inspired no doubt by a regular mealtime 'battle'!}


  1. Great word!! Along with my own kiddos I also teach swimming to preschoolers 3 mornings...so this word will certainly get a workout this week!! xxxCate

  2. My you are up early!!! Yep love rambunctious!! It is kind of an endearing naughty isn't it? Poor little Sally, and all over a sausage. (sigh) Life will get a bit more complicated for her than that... Hey, have a giveaway. Check out Monday's post. Made with my own fair hands and l-o-t-s of patience...

  3. What a sweet comment you left us at waddleeahchaa.com. Yes, why does it seem that a time of day when it would be so nice to sit down and eat our food in gentle conversation turns into a rambuntious event of mealtime 'battle'! :) joyce

  4. Love the picture and the word! I used it in one of my first posts - http://raineandsage.blogspot.com/2010/09/blorganised-have-kids-can-blog.html

    Like the idea and word zhushing! :)

  5. That is such a good word and I love the idea of word zhushing:) Kisses, my dear

  6. Oh, this one will be easy. Sam is its very definition! Will try to work that into my next post. J x

  7. Okay, here it is, Sweet One! http://lifeonplanetbaby.blogspot.com/2010/12/preparing-for-sams-eye-surgery-tomorrow.html J x

  8. we experience a bit of rambunctious behaviour in this house, sometimes from me when we have too much rain and I get cabin fever!

  9. Great input Sweet Peas!

    Cate - I'm sure there's all sorts of rambunctious at a preschool swimming lesson - you are amazing!

    Martha - There is definitely an endearing quality to this word except of course when you are in the midst of experiencing it!

    Sonia - I enjoyed reading about how you kept your rambunctious troops occupied whilst allowing yourself time for writing - clever you!

    Jane - I can't wait to read the post where dear little Sam is being rambunctious again!

    Selina - I'm hearing you loud and clear, it's as if Noosa is constantly under a big rain cloud - so much for being the Sunshine state?!?

    Thank you all for playing along, looking forward to your input next week, who knows I might be able to restart the linky system.

    x Felicity

  10. What a great exercise. I was just thinking about it the other day - how my vocabulary seem to be slipping away.


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