31 December 2010

Filling My Day With Bubbles

Come with me, forget your troubles, 
today we'll fill our life with bubbles!

There will be bubbles today and I'm fizzing with anticipation.
Firstly I intend to make the most of the blue sky and jump into the morning ocean.  
There really is something special about the rush and tingle as the cold water embraces you. 
I also love to walk through the foamy veiled edges of the waves, feeling the frothy kisses on my ankles, this will be a special start to my day.

Later, Cpt. V and I will celebrate the year-that-was and toast the year-to-come at one of our favourite restaurants.  We will be going out for lunch rather than an evening meal to avoid the throngs and I will be savouring a glass or two of my favourite bubbles

In the evening as one year passes to the next you will probably find me sound asleep after enjoying a long languorous bath of bubbles lit by candlelight. 

Simple and delicious, just the way I like it!

Wishing you a wonderful final day of 2010 and looking forward to all that we share together in the New Year,

PS If you enjoy a bubble or two of the delicious drinking kind then I'm sure you would like to meet Champagne Jayne, say hi from me!
PPS I'm also playing along with some fun here.


  1. Sounds divine Felicity!

    Hope you enjoy your night, and here's to a wonderful 2011 x

  2. Sounds wonderful Felicity. Mmmmmm Veuve Clicquot, enjoy!

  3. Happy New Yr Felicity. Your day sounds perfect and right up my alley. I love lunch more than dinner, and adore your part of the world as you know and swimming in the ocean. I'm having an early dinner with the family, and then bubbles and scrabble with my husband with music in the background. It's the simple things! Look forward to more of your always inspiring, and lovely, truly lovely blog in 2011! Sonia :)

  4. Happy New Year Felicity & family, sure you had a beautiful day & celebrate fantastic new opportunities tomorrow. Love Posie

  5. Ah, gorgeousness, Felicity! On all counts. What a blissful way to end the old year. Ours was a little more prosaic but we still counted our blessings to end the year with three healthy pixies snuggled up in their beds. Frohes Neues Jahr! J x

  6. Hi Felicity, have a Happy New Year! It was lovely 'meeting' you in 2010. I look forward to following more of your creative adventures this year. x

  7. Blessings to you too Felicity. I look forward to seeing more on your wonderful blog this year!


  8. oooh! gorgeous! I adore that feeling of diving into a cold(ish) ocean. Swimming in the surf is the one thing in life (apart from yoga or meditation perhaps) that leaves me energised and relaxed at the same time - I wish it was part of my day-to-day... I hope the final day of 2010 panned out exactly as you anticipated, and wishing you a super 2011!

  9. Happy New Year to you Felicity - so love your images of a cold refreshing swim in the ocean and I so love a long bubble bath. Hope you have a wonderful year and look forward to learning more about you and developing our friendship more. Naomi xx

  10. Happy New year Felicity wasnt it nice to see the sun on New years day in QLD back to the normal grey again but happy as cleaning out the old my bin is full hee. So sorry I never got chance to stop by in Dec I had quite a lot of custom orders to do so no time 2011 is here so my goal is to blog more often have fun in Noosa one of my fav places always try & stop there when I am on my way to Brisbane! :)

  11. Wishing you a bubbly new year Felicity!

  12. Happy new year, bubbly you! x

  13. happy new year! may all your wishes come true!

  14. Oh i knew you'd be a Veuve girl, me too, love Posie


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