13 December 2010

My Oh My!

Christmas Cards - How Do You Do?

We can thank Queen Victoria for instigating the tradition of sending cards at this time of the year.
The beauty above is one of the very first and it features three scenes.  
In the centre is a party with several generations of one family enjoying some festive spirits.
Those on the left and right depict acts of charity - feeding the hungry and clothing the naked.

Very few of these cards remain in existence which is a shame as there is such a lovely message and beautiful artwork contained upon this one card alone.

This year I am making all of our Christmas cards using the gorgeous bespoke stamps made for me by the wonderful artist Chantal Vincent. I will include a short note in each but we won't be sending out a 'family letter' as many of my friends do.

As I was writing the last of the cards today, I began to wonder how different people share their Christmas cheer?

What do you send to those whom you care about and do you differentiate for different people?

To read more about the very first Christmas card, click here.


  1. An interesting post, Sweetie. My mum does a cicular letter but I'm not a fan. This year, I'm getting the pixies to make ours for a select few and will handwrite them. Joshie can sign them for good measure now he can write his name.

    I will also get them to lick the stamps as I want to encourage them to be interested in philately - he can also do the maths to ensure the correct postage.

    Ah, bespoke stamps - I have to investigate! You know me, the stationery fiend ☺. J x

  2. I love the tradition of sending cards at Christmas. I do struggle to make the time for it though and have done some years but not others. I intend to send cards this year. I like to write a personal note in each and because that takes time and effort, that is where I seem to fall down. Is it better to keep it really short and send a card, or skip all together?

  3. So few people seem to send Christmas cards these days which is such a shame. I am another that doesn't do the circular letter, my Mum does though and I love reading them if they are included in a card! Lovely to meet you "here" in bloggy world!

  4. I am still sending cards though I find many of my friends and family are not. I do not like the "e" Christmas card thing at all. I try to write a little something in my cards and do not do a "to all" letter. I've made our cards for the past 8 years or so but this year I sent them out, doesn't have the same touch but boy oh boy was the time saving nice. I just bought some framed Queen Victoria news clippings yesterday!

  5. This year I did the somewhat lazy route & printed off a photocard &that was it. No letter. No personalizing anything. But... considering my life right now, I feel like I did pretty good to get them out at all!

  6. Hey Sweet Peas, thank you for stopping by at this busy time.

    Jane - Your cards sound wonderful and having Josh sign his name is such a special touch - for him and the receivers.

    Jodie - I'm hearing you loud and clear and am wondering if a New Year card is just as thoughtful?

    Emma - my parents also send and receive the circular letter and 'catching up' with the news of friends and family from my youth is something I enjoy doing when I visit at this time of year.

    Jeanette - I'm with you on the 'e' card and love that you make your own cards. I would LOVE to see the QV news clippings!

    Heather - if your photo card had even the tiniest glimpse of your beautiful garden in it - it would be a gift indeed. And I'm sure all who receive your card will understand it's double blessing.

    Felicity x

  7. I confess I'm hopeless when it comes to Christmas cards.

    Each year I approach Christmas with the intention of sending out cards and even if I get organised to write them they end up sitting unposted on my kitchen bench.

    I generally resort to pretty tags to adorn pressies.

    I love the idea of a handmade card. I'd treasure something like that.


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