20 December 2010

Gift Wrapping - A Gift In Itself

At this time of the year it is inevitable that we will spend some time engaged in activities involving paper.
Wrapping gifts has been something that I have taken true delight in ever since I was quite young.
I love the double deliciousness of a present that has been thoughtfully & artfully wrapped.  
There is a curious reluctance that people receiving one of these gifts may experience, not wanting to unwrap a gift that is beautifully encased 'lest they 'spoil' it.

On the weekend just past, my family met for an early Christmas celebration. 
There were many thoughtfully wrapped gifts under the tree in a myriad of colours, papers, ribbons, cards and other adornments.  

My three year old niece spent lots of time idling past the tree and asking me "Flossy, which one could be mine?" She was most excited when I told her that the large white one with the blue flowers and ribbons was definitely one that Cpt. V and I were giving to her. 
Of course it wasn't the lovely wrapping that had made her jump up and down, it was the fact that there WAS a present under the tree for her AND it was a biggie!

She is such a gorgeous little girl and never ceases to amaze me with her lovely heart.  
Very happy to play Santa giving out lots of presents, we had to stop her and make her sit down to open some of her own. She helped me unwrap many of my gifts and the thing I loved was that she wasn't interested in what was on the outside, tearing and pulling at the casing, she wanted to see my reaction when I realised what was inside.

After the last of the gifts had been opened there was the inevitable mountain of paper sitting in the middle of the room and the usual dilemma of which to keep and which to toss. 

It made me wonder what paper artists like Su Blackwell would do.  Su is a  highly skilled artisan who creates the most delicate and powerful images from paper and old books. I imagine that when presented with a similar pile of paper to ours that her fingers start to twitch and her mind starts to whirl with the possibilities held within the folds of all that paper and card.

All of today's images are by the talented Sue. If you would like a respite from wrapping today, I would highly recommend spending some time with her and her most delicious paper gifts.

This post is being 'regifted' in April as part of the sparklingly fabulous Allison's 'Weekend Rewind'.
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  1. what a beautiful post Felicity!
    Su Blackwell's artwork is terrific!
    thanks for sharing it,

    Big hug,

  2. How wonderful and creative.

    Love the pictures and what a delightful day you had. I so love a child's perspective on Christmas and the innocent joy of it all.

    Thanks for sharing this delightful talented lady.

    Naomi x

  3. Su's work is magical and covetable.

    I love gift wrapping too, Felicity. We share many things in common and this is definitely one of them. I love seeing my pile of carefully wrapped pressies growing beside me. All 'themed' and matching. I hate to break them up to deliver them to many different Chrissy trees!!! x

  4. Where was Sue when I needed her yesterday? She does lovely work! My back is aching, I have sore fingers and I am irritable after spending most of the day yesterday wrapping gifts. Toward the end my mother noticed that the wrapping on one of my daughter's gifts was ripped on the corner. I screamed "So what! She'll get over it!". Not a very good Mum eh? I don't like wrapping as you may have noticed. And THEN you have to figure out what paper you used for what presents because you can't use the same paper for presents from "Santa" otherwise the kids will cotton on. Aarrggh! We all need a Sue.
    Megs :)

  5. So glad you had such a lovely time with your family. Makes me miss mine now.

    Thanks for sharing those images too. She is such a talented artist!

    Happy Christmas Felicity! xx

  6. Oh, Honey, thanks so much for introducing Su to us. Divineness incarnate! Oh, and don't you wish you had a wrapping station?! J x

  7. Hey J,

    This year I did set up a wrapping station.
    It was on a large bed tray and incorporated:

    The ubiquitous scissors, pen and sticky-tape;

    Lots of tissue paper rosettes that I had been making for other gifts [some tiffany blue others made out of old sewing patterns - I love the latter the most!;

    Large rolls of plain brown and glossy white paper;

    Tiffany blue tissue paper [the theme this year was red, blue and white with neutral accents - it created a lovely effect under the tree],

    The bespoke gift cards that I've mentioned in a gratitude post;

    Rolls of blue, silver, and red ribbon [I purchased about ten 20m rolls of wide ribbon in rainbow shades a couple of years ago and have them stored on two wooden toilet roll holders [!] it works a treat because they are all in one place and there's a central hole in the ribbon spools so that they wind easily].

    It was a quick and easy way of doing the wrapping.
    Everything was in one spot and remained tidy AND I could move the tray from room to room for 'secret' wrapping or more importantly into the office where there's airconditioning when it got too hot!

    All of the above mentioned supplies and a small set of drawers containing cards, envelopes, stickers and tissue paper sits on a shelf in our guest room cupboard with two gift hampers.
    One hamper contains gifts for me to give to friends and is of a higher quality than the one for gifts that the kids give to friends if they can't find the 'perfect' last minute present.

    Yesterday saw me spend about an hour tidying all of this up and I was delighted to find a few nice surprises that I'd forgotten about.

    I guess it's all about having the space to do this and I still selfishly dream of having a 'proper' wrapping station with rolls and rolls of beautiful paper on large spools, stickers, stamps and oodles of fabric ribbon and trims, but for the time being I'm happy with my arrangement.

    Hugs to you and all who are busily wrapping, wrangling with sticky-tape, twirling ribbon and sucking on paper cuts, it will all be worth it when the gifts are sitting beneath the tree.

    x Felicity

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  9. Beautiful, Felicity! I love Su's artwork too. She must be such a patient person:) Thanks so much. Was lovely to rewind with you. xx

  10. Those images are amazing! I'd love to be able to create something like this. I'd love for someone else to create it for me, too.

  11. Those images just blow me away. So beautiful. I am inspired and humbled by them.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.


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