14 December 2010

Two for Tuesday

As Christmas approaches I thought that you may enjoy some images that are evocative of this time of year for me.  They are by the brilliant artist Daniel Gerhartz. I am absolutely smitten by his work and will feature him again in the New Year.

Today you may like to play a little game with me.
What I would like you to do, is tell me in 30 words or less how these paintings relate to each other or how they are evocative of Christmastime for you.

I look forward to reading your insights,


  1. First thoughts:

    Christmas for me is about the light of Christ. As I teach my children the real meaning of Christmas I pass that light onto them that they can hold always.

    Whew! made it in 30 words exactly - I even counted! Naomi xx

  2. Beautifully heartfelt sentiments Naomi & succinctly written! x F

  3. First thought - Christmas with my 3 sisters and families this year! Happy memories of childhood Christmases together.
    The rest is about the artwork. Very talented! Beautiful contrasting dark / light. Gorgeous colour palette.

  4. The first image reminds me of my life. I have only one child, a daughter. We read every day when she was little and that's what I thought of. Lovely.

  5. This season of joy brings siblings closer - a tolerant fondness exists between my two oldest ones that is reserved solely for Christmas Eve. Very 'Little Women' and utterly beautiful images.

  6. The joy and light of family and, in particular, sisters. Serenity amidst the chaos.

    I love Two for Tuesday, Felicity. Beautiful artworks. I'm going to check him out.

    And thank you for putting my button in your sidebar! x

  7. Squeal! They are just divine, Felicity, evocative indeed. Renoir-like. Just a few words - enchantment, serenity and joy. All in abundance on Planet Baby at Christmas time. J x

  8. Such lovely responses girls, thank you.

    Chantal, Amy & Ms Bella - if you are fortunate enough to spend Christmas with your sisters I hope that there is at least one moment that echoes these images.

    Jeanette - the picture of you and your daughter enjoying a daily love of reading together is a special one.

    Jane - my delightful Tasmanian squealer - I do enjoy your enthusiasm and hope that that on Christmas Eve life on PB is just as you described it here. PS I think you'll appreciate tomorrow's Word of the Week. x

  9. Felicity, this is so lovely, and the story behind the paining, is wondrous.

    My giveaway ends the 15th!! By Fifi Flowers value $200!

    Art by Karena

  10. They are lovely. They make me a little sad though, I would have adored a sister or a daughter. Nevertheless, I adore my rambunctious boys and thus it is a reminder to cherish their brotherly love!

  11. I love the light it always reminds me of Christmas darkness interjected with candlelight or christmas lights. It was so exciting as a child to be included in nighttime activities such as midnight mass and carols by candlelight.

  12. Beautiful paintings - sharing magic, childhood, innocence, the anticipation and excitment of Christmas eve. That look of quiet absorption reminds my of my 4yo daughter quietly listening to her new Christmas CD. Precious!


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