27 November 2010

Gathering Gratefuls

sharing the gratitude.

Each week Maxabella whips around the hat for us to pop our slip of paper containing a list of gratitude.

Here's mine for the last week full week of November.

My FAMILY will top the list this week because I was able to spend time with them and that's rare!

My brother works in a job where he spends three weeks away from home and one week at home.
This week he was at home [which is an hours drive South of where I live] and brought my 3yo niece to visit for a day and night.....my heart sings!

My parents made the 45min drive to our home to have breakfast and some lovely memory making moments with us all before having to scoot off for another appointment.

I'm still finding little reminders of their time here, treasures by the front door [a pile of asphalt pebbles gathered on a walk down the road], the deconstructed wooden Panda puzzle on the tv stand, my tray of coloured pencils and an impromptu drawing in the tv room...love, love, love it!

Having a brilliant family GP who is also a great friend

The middle child had her nose broken in a Representative Basketball game last weekend.
After consulting an ENT it was determined that she would have to have an operation on Friday to have it reset. That part was fine, what wasn't fine was the exorbitant [and I'm not exaggerating here] cost attached. 
After issuing an oath that wasn't even close to being Hippocratic, we consulted with our GP who said that this particular fellow charges 5x the regular fee and that it wouldn't be a problem to find an excellent replacement for next week...Yeah!

Receiving a beautiful GIFT of art.

Have you heard of the amazing Chantal Vincent?
Chantal is a very talented artist and this week I was gifted with two wonderful Christmas stamps that she created for me as part of a giveaway!

The most amazing thing is that the wreath is totally bespoke. 
It is covered in starfish [because our Christmases are Summertime beachy] and Chantal emailed me several times to check on details.
When the package arrived in the mail this week and I opened it, I was beyond thrilled! 

This is a sampler of what I will be putting on our Christmas cards, candle wraps, gift tags, party invitations etc this year and into the future!
Thank you Chantal.

And to you DEAR READERS, whether you have just stopped by for a quick squiz, left a comment, decided to follow along or mentioned my space on your own blog, thank you!

Until next we meet, remember to enjoy the Now!


  1. I love those stamps Felicity. They're beautiful, unique and yours forever. Wishing middle child a speedy recovery, and glad you escaped extortion!
    PS - Your furniture will come up beautifully painted. If I can do it, anyone can!! :)

  2. Yes, a good GP is to be treasured, Felicity. What a profound relief for you. Good work, Mr GP! J x

  3. Awwww I loved reading this. Boo to ENT's who charge 5x the right costs. And yay to beautiful bespoke wreaths like that one. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. x

  4. Always inspirational Felicity... Thank you...

  5. Five times the cost! That's outrageous. Am so glad you found an affordable alternative. And I hope that nose is better soon.

  6. Good luck on that surgery. Anya is having one in a couple of weeks too so I'm getting psyched for that. Having a wonderful GP is priceless at this time. Happy weekend!

  7. That stamp is really clever - it's perfect for you! Drop a card my way, won't you!?!?!

    I can't believe your daughter has broken her nose. I hope it sets well and that she's okay. What a drama! x

  8. Spending time with family is always good, thanks for reminding us. Beautiful words. Hope your daughter has a speedy recovery. Gx

  9. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and kind wishes for Gift.2's speedy recovery.

    She is in a right royal grump today as all of her sporting activities have been curtailed until the op.
    This is one child who really needs her sport & our household needs her to have it back ASAP!
    Perhaps trophy presentations at 'Touch Football' this afternoon will be a bright patch to lighten the gloom....or a big dose of chocolate ice-cream and Glee!

    Hugs to all Sweet Peas,

    Felicity x

  10. I'm loving your list, family is such a wonderful thing to be blessed with! Most of my family and my H works in the mines so I know just how important that quality time is when they are home.

  11. A gp who you can trust is such an asset to you and your family - sometimes you just need someone you can really trust!

    And Chantal's stamps are fab aren't they?? I found them just recently through Bellgirl's blog - Chantal even has this great tutorial on how to make them!

    Have a great weekend xxxCate

  12. That's a lovely post, one where everything comes together as it ought despite the setbacks, a lot to be grateful for, finding the right doctor and those special and bespoke stamps.

  13. Felicity, that's lovely that you have had such a wonderful week with your family creating memories together (except for your daughters nose - ouch! poor girl!). Fabulous and always such a relief to find a great family GP - definitely adds a little peace of mind for when things go wrong.

    Thanks so much for your kind commments about your wreath stamp - I'm so happy you like it!

  14. Sigh. I miss Queensland and the beach. Thanks for dropping by landlocked Canberra. Put your toe in the water for me! xx

  15. What an amazing week you've had. Family time is so precious, isn't it, can't wait for the Christmas holidays. Thanks for visiting my blog today.

  16. Family = ♥♥♥ and your stamp is pretty - lucky you!!

  17. I love that post!
    In the lead up to the end of the year we so need reminding to live in the now. There always so much planning and looking ahead that its great just to be. I hope you have a happy Sunday.

  18. family is just the best! I am glad you have been enjoying yours - but sorry for your daughters news...must be very painful! Hoping she feels a little better soon

    Gill xo

  19. Wow Felicity, what a great list of gratitude. I loved reading it. Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday :)

  20. Poor girl-OUCH and thank goodness for the GP passing on the info - not a cost you want to incur rolling into Christmas.

    Love your blog - it has such a beautiful look and feel to it. I have blogenvy - it's true.....


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