20 November 2010

Gathering Gratefuls

Mr. & Mrs. Bossy

This is how we refer to the two rambunctious rainbow lorikeets who have adopted our home.
They perched themselves on the verandah rail outside my bedroom window this morning and gave a wonderful rendition of 'I Did It My Way" at 6:00 AM.
Why am I grateful for this?  
Without them I would have slept blissfully into tomorrow and missed making the kids' breakfast and helping them get ready for Saturday sport.
That, and the fact that they are a bright & bust out funny little moves like the one below which is a daily source of delight.

Photo courtesy child #2

Successful Senior Graduates

Yesterday I was helping in our school's cafe.  As we were enjoying our morning break the senior students were getting ready for their final assembly and passing out ceremony.
To witness their unbridled excitement gave me goosebumps.
Good luck kids, enjoy your schoolies break!

Brilliant Australian Drama

I am an unabashed fan of the ABC, in particular their locally produced Dramas.
The latest offering is 'Pure Gold'.  If you enjoy sharp, witty scripts with multiple layers of innuendo and characters with depth you may just enjoy 'Rake' as much as I do.

The website overview of the show goes like this:

On any single day, Cleaver Greene is described as many things. Whilst his ex-wife may call him 'unreliable', his son will call him 'a mate'. To his learned friends at the bar table he is 'a real wag', to his jurors he is 'hilarious', and to most judges he is 'an outrage'. To the Tax Office, he is 'a defendant', to a certain brothel owner 'a legend', and to his former cocaine dealer 'a tragic loss'.

The clients he loves the most - the cases that thrill him - are those that appear to be utterly hopeless. There's something about being on the wrong side of conventional wisdom that feels right to him, be it at the bar table or the dinner table.

He will do whatever it takes to defend and save life's truly lost souls. The big sinners. Its drug lords. Its cannibals. Its bestialites. And at the same time, he will struggle to save himself, to stop himself falling back into the abyss that has characterised most of his self-destructive adult life thus far.

Despite his own hopelessness, his wit and charm have won him hordes of companions over the years. Most nights of the week, there is no shortage of invitations: dinner with a judge at the RMC (His Honour pays), or with some drug dealers in Chinatown (Manos pays), or with some of his copper mates at the Matador (no one pays).

Any gaps in his diary will inevitably be filled by either all night sessions in chambers preparing for court or similarly lengthy sessions at his favourite brothel, simply referred to by those in the know as 'the Club' (here, Cleaver is more than happy to open his own wallet). He tends to wake up bruised. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually. Usually it's a combination thereof. 

He spends a nano-second wondering how his life came to this - living in a studio above a café in the Cross, without his wife and son, in love with a prostitute, defending hopeless cases. Then he gets up, puts on his dressing gown and a pair of brogues and goes downstairs for a coffee. Then it's out into the world - onto the battleground that is Cleaver Greene's day.

If you missed the first three episodes they are available to view or download here or you can click here for the website....enjoy [but make sure the kids are in bed before you view!].

Have a wonderful week and thank you to Ms Bella for hosting another Gratitude Linky.


  1. That sounds great! I'm terrible at watching TV and miss a lot of really good shows as a result. I might try to get this one happening.

    Have a great weekend, dear Felicity. x

    (PS - The more I see it, the more I hate my Grateful button... I think I need to reassess...)

  2. What a delightful way to see those dastardly little birdies who have robbed you of your sleep-in!! No seriously, they are too pretty to every be cross with :-) have a great weekend xxx

  3. Loved your post. We have King Parrots who come for dinner. I love them. Such a joy just to have them around.

  4. Rainbow lorikeets are a source of constant entertainment in our house too. Must catch up with Rake - it looks good.


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