30 November 2010

Looking At Your Goals Every Day

DAY 30

So here we are, at the very end of our month of Now!vember.
Thank you to Clare Lancaster and the team at Women In Business for the inspirations which we utilised to guide our writing each day.

It has been a terrific journey and I have enjoyed both the experience of daily posts and your responses to them. I think we have well and truly lived today's inspiration and not only looked at the goals for living shared via the WIB poster, but been thoughtful and considerate in our reflections and writing associated with each one.  It was a true pleasure for me to follow some of you back to your own space where you had written a post linked to the daily quote and to read the feedback that you received from your own readers. 

So, now I have two months of daily writing down and I'm wondering what you, my regular readers would like my new blogging goal to be?  
I have some thoughts about the directions about where I'd like to go, but because you will be sharing the experience with me I thought that you might like to have some input too!

Here are some considerations:

* More daily posts but with a different theme?

* More daily posts and with the same 'inspiration' focused approach?

* Less regular but more in-depth posts?

* A return to my 'finding gifts' posts which was an eclectic collection of the 'unexpected and lovely' from within my life and beyond.

* Something altogether different? I'm up for a challenge!

You will be looking at the result of this 'writing goal', so if you've been lurking and not adding your opinion in, now's your chance to have some say in the direction of this blog.

Looking forward to your responses,

PS: Adios little birdy you have served us well. x


  1. Now take a bow, Felicity. This has been an astounding achievement, writing such high quality posts every day for two months. I have enjoyed every single one. You write both beautifully and thoughtfully.

    I'm not sure if you can sustain the pace but if I were selfish, I'd love to continue receiving my daily dose of you ☺. I have enjoyed the inspirational theme you have adopted but I'd like to find out so much more about Felicity, the person. Pretty please?! J x

  2. Thanks so much for a month of fun, inspiration and reflection...sometimes so deep and personal I have been unable to leave a comment (speechless, me? that'll be the day).
    I am playing along with you on this your last day of now!vember inspiration as I look back at my nov goals and plan my dec ones. I'd love you to come and visit me today...

  3. First time visitor,read several of your posts and loved your Thankful list. I try to write in a journal everyday one thing I am thankful for. I am so blessed and by writing my blessings done everyday it gives me great joy and puts a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing, joyce :) P.S. I also loved the picture of the blue eggs. Did you take that picture?

  4. I think your efforts over the past month have been so uplifting and inspirational. I love it when you put the 'felicity spin' on topics and I would so love to see you doing more of it.

    Of course in saying that I just know I am going to love anything you share with us because you are super awesome!

    I would love you to continue with daily posts but I know they are time consuming and exhausting to do sometimes.

    Maybe you could set a regular schedule of finding gifts every monday, inspiration every tues and so on!

    I think your followers just love you and what you have to say because you are positive and delightful :)

    looking forward to what you come up with.
    Naomi xx


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