28 November 2010

The Less You Spend - The More You Have

DAY 28

I guess that this is a very apt mantra for this time of the year but I have to admit that at first glance I thought it a little incongruous and envisaged something along the lines of Ebeneezer Scrooge counting his material wealth as a treasure more precious than life itself.

Then I was reminded of a 'Grace Card' that I often choose when it's my turn to give thanks at the evening meal...

The more you give
The more you get.

The more you laugh
The less you fret.

The more you do unselfishly
The more you live abundantly.

Perhaps 'The Less You Spend, The More You Have' could be inserted into this verse too.

For me spending less relates to many areas of my life not just the fiscal.
Spending less energy on worry, fear or anger = more space I have in my mind and heart for peace, calm and love.

Spending less time mindlessly watching tv, surfing the net etc = more time to spend with family and being creative = true satisfaction and increased energy!

Spending less time being stationary and more time being active = greater energy = increased health = all sorts of wonderful opportunities!*

Being thoughtful before expending is a valuable life skill and one that I am trying to cultivate....slowly but surely.

Until we next meet, enjoy the Now!

* More on this when I tackle Chronic Fatigue in a future post.


  1. Ever since I stopped watching TV it is amazing how much I get done. Charmaine

  2. Great post. Thank you for the reminder of looking into the many ways we spend. Linda

  3. November is almost done and I have not written a post that matches your poster... what is wrong with me? I will try to sneak one in before 30 November. x

  4. Another thoughtful post, Lovely. For some reason, I can't see the images, unfortunately. Oh, and now I am intrigued about CF... Have a fab week, J x

  5. Thanks for stopping by girls.

    Looking forward to expending more energy on the people & things that matter most this week.
    So head cold be gone!

    x Felicity

  6. love this! I have been trying to spend less time on the computer and it has been a blessing in my life - trying to treasure my relationships more and to appreciate the wonderful people in my life. Thanks for the reminder to keep going! Naomi x

  7. i like these thoughts. where did you get the grace cards?


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