27 November 2010

Never Stop Learning & Experimenting

DAY 27

Recently I have been doing some exploring into my Family Tree.

If you have been following along for a while now you would know that I am able to draw down upon some pretty serious longevity genes.

Grandmother Verlie celebrated her 103rd birthday this year and her husband, my darling Granfather Bob passed away at 101.  My other Grandmother, Grandy Jean also lived beyond 100, and as I trace back through both family trees, there is a consistent thread of many who lived long, long lives.

My maternal grandparents in particular are an inspiration to me because they lived in their own home unassisted well into their nineties.  The thing that really kept them vital was that their days, and their lives in general, had purpose.
Both were involved in their community in service groups, sporting organisations and their church.
Grandmother was still knitting until quite recently and they kept a beautiful home and garden.

Scrabble and crosswords were pastimes that my Grandmother enjoyed immensely and my Grandfather was an active member of the local historical society.
It used to crack me up to think about them delivering 'Meals On Wheels' to people who were at least thirty years their junior!

Whenever I share this information with people they are quite impressed and say to me things like "Wow! You're in for a long ride!" or "It looks like you're going to live a long time."

The thing is there is a BIG difference between living a long life and LIVING a long life.
To be able to have a healthy body and mind and to enjoy a sense of purpose and connection within a loving community of family and friends is my ideal.
It would be terrific to have the capacity to continue to learn new things and to stretch my 'self' for at least another forty years.
But as we all know, there is nothing certain in this world and so it is my maxim that I will try my hardest to make the most of the 'now'.

I hope to be able to keep learning, experimenting with new ideas and experiencing all that this world affords me for as long as it is possible to do so....however long that may be.


  1. I warned my husband that 3 of my grandparents lived well into their 90s when he married me, some of their siblings were well over 100. I win with a great Auntie Mabel who was 112!! I used her name as my eldest daughter's middle name for good luck!!
    Love experimenting, some of my best ideas have come from mishaps & mistakes, love Posie

  2. You are a wise old owl already. I can only imagine you at 100!

  3. Ah, now we share an interest in genealogy, too ☺. I also have longevity on my Dad's side. Oh, and I have low blood pressure which the doctor tells me bodes well for a long life.

    I completely agree - although my Nanny died aged 96, her last 13 years were spent living in her shell of a body as Alzheimer's stole her away from us. My Dad has never really recovered for watching that happen. Fingers crossed we all escape that end to our lives. J x

  4. PP: Wow, how about Great Aunt Mabel getting to 112 [cool name BTW] that's really something!

    MM: Thank you, this is a doubly lovely compliment as owls are one of my most special creatures.

    GJ: Gorgeous Jane, I really want to look at our family trees, there's something uncanny happening here!
    My Grandmother has slipped into the world of Alzheimer's recently.
    She has put herself in a very happy place and I have to help my own Mum [Verlie's only child] see that although the vital person that we once knew has gone, she isn't in distress and in fact seems quite peaceful in her present state.
    I know that this isn't the case for many who suffer from this cruel disease so it has to be viewed as a blessing.

    Hugs to you all Sweet Peas,

    Felicity x

  5. Thanks for another great addition to the Now!vember series, which I've been reading avidly. This is another one I've been inspired to blog about as it's my mother's motto - http://alisismummy.blogspot.com/2010/11/nowvember-never-stop-learning-and.html


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