26 November 2010

When You're Doing What You're Passionate About - The World's A Better Place

DAY 26

Passion, it's a fascinating beast no?
That powerful and compelling emotion that prompts us to act and react in the most interesting ways.

It induces an energy that is sometimes tangible and often infectious.
To be able to live my life with passion has been both a gift and a demon.

You see the problem is that I have often allowed my passion to drive me, rather than me directing it.
For most of my vocational life people have commonly said to me "Wow! You have such passion for this!" which is true.  
What is equally true is that I allowed my passion to overtake other parts of my life and over time this fire almost completely burnt out my life spark.

 So now I find myself in a position where I am learning to manage my passionate energy and discovering new arenas in which to invest my passion.  This has been a long and painful road [they say that the most important lessons often are the hardest to learn] and there have been many detours along the way.

Part of this journey has seen me rekindling my passion for words and writing via this blog and I extend a sincere thank you to all of you who have encouraged this.

In closing I ask you this....If you won $20 million on Lotto tonight, what passions would you be eager to indulge?


  1. Me too, me too. I'm passionate about too many things. I have always wanted to be a more singularly driven person. A sniper. x

  2. This is an issue that I often try to escape. As I honestly don't know what I'm passionate about apart from family. I do know that I love to travel & discover & experience places & things. But it is such a costly pursuit... so if I win the lottery, you'll find me aboard a plane within hours.

  3. Oh, Sweetie, an honest and insightful post. As always. You've pressed a red hot button for me here - soon I'm going to do a post on where I want my career to head after half a lifetime in the law. I'm so pleased to discover someone else who shares my passion for words ☺. J x

  4. Oh, and about the lottery question - after paying off our mortgage and debts and giving something to my favourite causes (Fred Hollows, World Vision and Medicins sans frontieres), I would love to spend a few years travelling with Mr PB and the pixies - while they're little and school isn't so pressing a concern. Sigh. A girl can dream...J x

  5. So many of your posts are just my thoughts in your words! You make me think and question my life (in the best way!) and usually your posts correspond in an eerie way to things I have been thinking about earlier in the day. Today I was driving and thinking that I have lost my 'gut instinct' function and 'monkey in my brain' has taken over making all the choices in my life. This means that passion is lost to the practicalities of life (time and money) MMMMMmmmmmm? How to rediscover genuine, authentic self and the passion that ensues? I can't answer your question about lotto....I just don't know. Thanks Felicity for making me think and question.
    X Briohny.

  6. lovely heart sharing Felicity. I am passionate about too many things that it takes over my life sometimes and distracts me from my children. If I won that much money - I would go to the Islands (where I spent some time) and encourage more children/adults to write books and publish them and create a library for them that includes their own language and art etc. I saw such a great need that I have always wanted to go back and achieve accomplish it! Naomi xx

  7. What a true statment..I also believe that you have to love, be passionate about what you do..If you are not, whats the point. Right?
    Beautiful post,sweetie
    Hugs and kisses


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