23 November 2010

Leverage Everything

DAY 24

Of all the lines from our inspiration series, this is the one that I have had the most difficulty matching with my own values.
My initial reaction was negative, thinking that it was advocating selling my soul for the mighty [?] dollar.
But in the spirit of staying in the now and trying to tackle this from a creative angle I have come up with the following:

Lever = seesaw = shared fun 

My question for you is "When did you last leverage some time to have fun?"

How long has it been since you have bounced on a see-saw, skipped with a rope, played 'Hide-and-Seek' or enjoyed a game of Tiddlywinks?


  1. You are right (of course) - it isn't an everyday occurence to leverage our time for some fun! Although Meerkat (my 17 m.o.) has this beautiful way of making sure she gets my time. No matter what I am doing she will come up when she wants me, take me by the hand and lead me to where she wants me to be - usually her room to dance or read. Who could say no to shared fun like that??

  2. A good question, Sweet One. Hmm, given Joshua's birthday presents, I guess a game of Tiddywinks soon is on the cards! J x

  3. Great way to look at it. Since starting my business(and blog)9 months ago it has been work work all the tim. Suppose it's what happens to everyone who has their own business and when you work from home you just never can escape. This weekend my husband and I took the morning off and went to the farmer's market and a movie - it was great. We're going to do it more often.

  4. i really like the art & i skipped this one because i felt the same way, and i wasn't creative enough to come up with something around it.

  5. you are simply inspiring - I am feeling the need for some fun and going to plan some in for tomorrow! I think I will take Libby on a play date, just the two of us and have some fun. Something to visualise and dream about tonight - thanks. Naomi xx


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