22 November 2010

Trust Your Intuition

DAY 22

Women's intuition, hunch, gut instincts, inspiration, perception, sixth sense.....call it what you will but I'm sure we have all experienced it.

The question is how attuned are you to not only 'hear' it but to also trust it?

I recently read an article by Mark A. Paul titled "Trusting Your Gut: How to Lead Using Your Instincts".  In it he states

"We were all born with natural instinct.  We cried when we were hungry - not because we were taught to, but because it was our instinctive response to our physical need.
Emotion calls on instinct too. The 'fight or flight' response to fear is one most of us have experienced and, with the adrenaline pounding through us, we know the reaction was not the result of a calculated decision-making process.

Instinct is insight based not on reason, but on awareness.  When we allow it back into our consciousness, we can become more effective in many areas of life...allowing it back calls for a heightened sense of openness to our self and others.

For me, trying to be aware of staying in the 'now' has helped me heighten my instincts and intuition.
My mind isn't rattling as much anymore with the 'might be's' or 'should haves' that it once did and I have found that I am beginning to develop a greater trust in my perception of what's really happening.

What about you?  What is your perception of your ability to trust your instincts?

This post is part of my Now!vember series.  Several fine blogeristas are joining in and you may like to hop on over to their space to read a different take on this topic...


  1. I am often saying to my son concentrate on what we are doing now, can't change the past, do your best now and the future will take care of itself. Charmaine

  2. I'm a massive believer in trusting the gut. That sense of doom feeling that we call get, or that wonderful lightness when everything looks promising.

    My only thought is that my own paranoia and dread can sometimes TOO finely tune my senstitivities towards others... that's something to watch out for. We need to trust a bit more than our guts, I think. x

  3. I actually tend to be a bit tentative to trust my intuition as I know I'm a bit overly sensitive as a general rule. I am more inclined to get a second opinion on a situation or conversation before making a judgement just to make sure I have interpreted it correctly. I hate jumping to the wrong conclusion and would hate to insult anyone as a result. xxx

  4. I worry that I over think and it really is not my 'instinct'. When it probably is. Oh that and the 'if onlys' etc . It is really hard...

    Thanks for sharing xox

  5. I totally live my life by following my instincts. In my mothering, in my blogging and especially in my marriage. It has led my down some very different paths than I would normally have taken and I have so enjoyed the journey. Naomi xx

  6. Learning to trust your instinct is the biggest challenge. But I usually find that when you do put your trust in that feeling it invariably leads you where you need to go.


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