20 November 2010

Be Your Own Hero

DAY 20

To create your own super-hero qualities is a great game of fantasy....or is it?
Being able to clarify and articulate the qualities that you value and how they would manifest is actually a terrific exercise.

Having spent some time reflecting on this very project I have come up with the following qualities which I believe would enable me to be my own hero.


Strength of character.... loyalty

Height and agility

A tough outer shell = resilience

A great sense of humour


Some of these qualities I possess in abundance.
Others I'm working on.
Others, require artificial assistance ie: stilletos!

What qualities would you define as super-hero worthy?

All images are by the amazing Andrew Zuckerman.
If you aren't acquainted with his books 'Creature', 'Wisdom' and 'Bird' you really should take a look.

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This post is part of my Now!vember series.  Several fine blogeristas are joining in and you may like to hop on over to their space to read a different take on this topic...


  1. Thank you for sharing the artist's name. I was in awe of the images as I scrolled, they're quite stunning. This exercise would take me some pondering for a complete answer. I like your list.

  2. The Rhino Beetle you posted also reflects strength as it is the strongest "animal" & can carry 850 times its weight.I'm not a walking encyclopedia. Anya is doing a project on this mini-beast & I helped her do the research. I'm almost an expert on beetles. I'm taking the challenge & organize my post...

  3. I would have a great deal of trouble seeing myself as my own hero...but Joni's little bit of info has made me think maybe I could recognise the qualities of the beetle in myself - I certainly try to carry 850 times my own weight (figuratively speaking).
    Thanks again Felicity for another thought provoking post :-) xxx

  4. I am loving all of your thoughts of super hero qualities, especially a tough shell, grace and a sense of humour. Yes I would like those the most for me xox

  5. I am definitely the beetle, plenty of resilience I bounce back pretty quickly. At the moment I am keeping the house running smoothly with the help of Master Fairchild Street. He is certainly showing some signs of resilience and not too upset that daddy is out of action for awhile. Lucky he is a boy scout and has been ironing his clothes, getting things for daddy etc. Charmaine

  6. I reckon that this would make the bestest superhero EVER - and after this post you are my hero

  7. They are just the most beautiful series.......... Resiliance is the most important quality - bouncing back.... x


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