26 October 2010

Z Z Z. . .

Sleep, glorious sleep!

or... counting the sheep, bountiful sheep!

Quality sleep is one of the most valued gifts in my world.
To be able to lay my head down and wake refreshed and energised is something that I definitely don't take for granted.

There has been a significant period in my life recently where this wasn't guaranteed and I'm sure you can relate to the lethargy and fuzzy-brain syndrome which occurs when regular, rejuvinating sleep has eluded you.

Having a good quality pillow and an ipod loaded with heaps of great podcasts downloaded from ABC Radio National has meant that I am no longer at the mercy of insomnia.
There's really nothing better than waking naturally [vs to an alarm] knowing that you are 'reloaded' for the day....the fact that the weather has warmed up has also made it easier for me to bounce vs drag myself out of bed!

Do you have any great tips for guaranteeing a good night's sleep?

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  1. ahhh! glorious sleep - something I crave some days :) when I am having trouble - I try to go through a relaxing routine to prepare myself. Write down any thoughts bothering me on paper, listen to some relaxing music and keep my bedroom free from clutter to distract my thoughts whilst I am trying to sleep. I love it when I am so exhausted I just crash it! seems to be happening a lot lately :) Naomi x

  2. Lately I have a very hard time with sleeping...I cant switch off...I should probably try to listen to music or have some hot milk before hand:)
    Kisses,my dear

  3. I love freshly washed sheets and PJs for bed. Nothing quite like that feeling of falling into bed with the days activities done!
    Thanks for all your lovely posts over the month from a-z. I have enjoyed them.

    PS. check your mailbox today for a little parcel, I posted it yesterday, so should arrive today. enjoy G x.

  4. My goodness, Z already? As for sleep, my only tip is to fall into bed exhausted. Probably not ideal, but it's been working a treat for me lately! K xx

  5. Ive been partaking in little nana naps in the afternoon me and the Till cat curl up under the doona catch a few zzzzz to the loud purring noise very therapeutic. Im sure i saw a show once that said the frequency of a cats purr strengthens human bones or maybe I dreamt that bit heehee

  6. Great Z! I find that even if I'm mentally exhausted, sleep deprived etc. the best night's sleep for me is one where I've still fitted in some fresh air and exercise. Even if it's a 45 minute walk. Z over. What next? x :)

  7. Glad to hear you a sleeping well. I know it is quite frustrating when you can't get to sleep. ;-)

  8. Earplugs work for me. Helps me fall to sleep and stay asleep unless a little person wakes me up during the night.
    I LOVE sleep!

  9. I've just come over to thank you for stopping by my blog and have a look around here and I've landed on Z. Looks like I'm going to be busy catching up. I have such trouble with sleep. I have this herbal tea that does help me drift off. It's the staying asleep I struggle with on many nights.

  10. Zany zealots zoom to zoos. Okay, I surrender! That was the hardest one. You are an inspiration, Felicity. I am SO impressed with your efforts! J x


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