25 October 2010


There are SO many ways that blogging has enriched my world, but meeting new people just like you has definitely been THE most wonderful.

To the people who follow... thank you for seeing something in my blog that you like enough to keep coming back, it is very gratifying that what I post is resonating with you.

To everyone who leaves a comment... thank you for taking the time to respond.
Your notes are always read with appreciation and if you are a new person, I really enjoy following you back to your own space.

To the many bloggeristas whom I follow.... thank you for the very many ways in which you inspire, encourage, motivate and enliven me...you really do brighten my day.

Some of you  are truly special because you fall into all three of the categories mentioned... thank you!

Throughout the month of October I am participating in Blogtoberfest by posting-my-way-through-the-alphabet.  To find out more and to see who else is participating, click this icon in my sidebar...


  1. i have missed a whole heap of your posts - for some reason you are not coming up on my reader :(
    although i do have alot of nice reading during my morning coffee now :)

  2. Well I for one enjoy following you right back Felicity, and I always love to receive your comments. You've had some great suggestions for me recently, and I very much appreciate them! I've even taken on board your most recent suggestion about changing the colour of my text and it looks fabulous! Thank you. xx

  3. Aw shucks lovely! BTW I nominated you for a Lovely Blog award. Stop by and say hello today :)

  4. What a lovely post - you are very kind and just delightful and that is why all of us followers love and adore YOU and YOUR blog. I have just loved your joyful alphabet posting this whole month - a treat for me each day. Naomi x

  5. yay! Isn't blogging the best! You meet so many wonderful people!

  6. Yesterday youngsters yelled yippee. J x


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