29 October 2010

Q  &A Time

Can you recall the last time that you were asked a really great question?
In our daily lives we ask and answer heaps of questions but generally speaking they are of the sort that could easily fit into a basket labeled 'mundane'.

As a newly-minted, full-time step-mum, I am slowly but surely learning the power of a well-worded and well-timed question.

As an educator I also know the power that is held within type of questions that I ask. I also know that a single word can alter the level of thinking [and hopefully responding] that a learner will make.

For example if you ask a 'Where is...?' question, you are requiring the other person to tell you a fact.

Whereas if you asked the same person 'Where might...?', you are asking them to think at a higher level of reasoning and perhaps take a bit of a risk with their response.

So whether you are a parent, educator or someone who likes to challenge others with your questions, try adding the following to the end of your question sentence and prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the difference in the quality of answers that you receive....







On this note, I'm opening the floor for you to ask me a question in the comments box.

You have probably gathered that I really value creativity so, along with all of the usual topics, I'm not averse to tackling the forbidden 'dinner party closers' of sex, politics and religion.

So, let the fun begin and we'll see where the path may take us.....

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  1. Felicity, I like your style! I 'tagged' you in my last post (I sent you an e-mail) so there are some questions for you to answer there. Oh, and don't forget the terrible 'rising inflection' which turns every sentence into a question! J x


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