27 October 2010

@ the moment, this is where I'm @!

So you thought my blogtoberfesting would stop at Z didn't you?

Well, there you go.
You've learnt something new about me....once I commit to something, and by that I mean truly commit, I'm in 'til the end. Blogtoberfest is about posting each and every day and as October comes to a close the alphabet will be morphing into symbols which we use almost as much as the letters in our lexicon.

And so it is that we arrive at @.
How many times would you type, write, push the button for this symbol, including it as part of an email or weblink each day?
I'd be guessing your answer, if you are at all connected to the web, would be "A lot!"

Prior to its use for emailing, it was a symbol used to represent the cost or weight of something, eg: 4 pineapples @ $1.50 each.

Unusually, this symbol doesn't have an official, universal name.
But there are lots of interesting dialectical descriptions linking back to nature from all around the globe.

For instance, in Dutch it is apenstaartje or monkey's tail...

Norwegians say grisehale, or pigs tail....

If you are in Hungary, perhaps you would say kukac, or worm...

in Korea, they refer to it as dalphaengi or snail...

I'm surprised that a nation doesn't call it the web...

 the chameleon's tail...

or the fern....

I suppose we are all too enlightened for that...

and prefer to just call it 'at'.

If you know a different name for the @ symbol, I'm sure we'd all love to learn it, so please be sure to leave a message and teach us something new.

More! I hear you say.  

Well if you're really into the etymology of this symbol click on the 'more' link and you will find yourself @ a site with loads of interesting facts.

Throughout the month of October I am participating in Blogtoberfest by posting-my-way-through-the-alphabet.  To find out more and to see who else is participating, click this icon in my sidebar...


  1. Wow lots of thought and creativity in this post. Thank you Charmaine

  2. That is so interesting..I love the piggy tail...awww
    Kisses, my dear

  3. Oh, Felicity, a girl after my own heart! Thanks so much for this. I've always hankered to be an etymolgist. J x

  4. Again I have learned something interesting. Why don't we have a cool name for this symbol here in the US? I've never even thought about it before. Can't wait to see what's on the menu for tomorrow.

  5. Felicity,
    i loooove this post!!!
    thank you for sharing it


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