23 October 2010

Gathering Gratefuls

It's Saturday so it's time to reflect on some of the things that I'm grateful for inspired by my clever and thoughtful friend Maxabella.  Each week I will reflect upon five things that I am truly grateful for.
Five little gifts of gratitude symbolised by the blue eggs in the Robins' Nest above.

*  Energy - As someone who has been learning to manage their body whilst living with chronic fatigue,  it has been wonderful to have had some great injections of energy this week.  

* Working with enthusiastic people - On Wednesday I ran a parent session on positive advocacy at a local primary school and loved the receptive response of not only all who were present but the brilliant principal who hosted the event.

* Bright kids and dedicated teachers - Earlier in the year I wrote a program to enrich gifted kids titled 'The World At Your Feet'.  On Wednesday it 'came to life' through the energy and enthusiasm of some truly wonderful and totally dedicated educators and of course the fantastic input of the kids themselves.
If you have ever been in a space where a group of people are doing something that they truly enjoy, there is an energy that is created that has been known to give me goosebumps!

* The terrific high school that Captain V's eldest child is attending and his second is getting ready to go to.  On Friday the school held their annual orientation day for the students who will be entering as Year 8's in 2011.  I was volunteering in the school's student cafe and was privy to lots of excited tweens laughing, singing, clapping and cheering.  It is with great delight that we hand over the children to this school for their final years of school-based education.

*  New shoes.  I bought a pair of snappy green shoes last weekend and have been LOVING wearing them ever since.  They are of the brand Nordic Fusion and have been not only super comfy but have added a little splash of happy to my walk.  I know the colour won't be everyone's cup of tea but I have seem to have a lot of 'apple' green in my robe, so....

I'm sure that there are many things that you're grateful for too, why not head over to Maxabella's place and join in the fun....


  1. They are absolutely my cup of tea... I love them! And we live so very far apart so I can't see the harm in my purchasing the exact same pair... no?

    I love it when you talk about your work with schools. It is so reassuring to know that such dedicated, loving people work with our children. x

  2. Isn't it great when a school has a positive environment? And those shoes are DELICIOUS! ps jeans are Bettina Lianos and I too only got introduced to the hipstamatic app in the last couple of days as well!

  3. love this list - you are so clever and talented with you work :) I love how you look for the delights in your life and the way you share them with us - thanks. Love the shoe colour - made me remember I had a pair of green hightop reebox boots when I was in high school - yep! they were a stand out and I will never forget them. Enjoy. Naomi x

  4. Happy to hear you have had some energy injections this week while dealing with CF!
    I have a cute little pair of red flats that brighten up my outfit and day :)

  5. gorgeous new shoes! so much to be grateful for!

  6. this is very interesting to read...i am an early childhood teacher so your programs sound very inspiring to me...i shall have to go check out more about your work on your blog!

    the shoes are awesome.

    gill xo

  7. How cute are those shoes? Adorable colour! Lots of lovely gratefuls today. xx

  8. Gorgeous shoes! My favourite colour too. They don't look very comfy. I might have to find some for myself.

  9. Pretty shoes, love the colour!

  10. What a fantastic post! I'm about to go back to (primary) teaching next year and am really excited about the prospect of working with enthusiastic staff and students - their energy and enthusiasm really make it all worthwhile! But also love the shoes! xxx


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