11 September 2010

One of my favourite things to do in the late afternoon is to go for a walk with Captain Valentine.
We take our two hounds Luke and Buster, then hand-in-hand [dogs leaping excitedly] we head out.

You may recall that we are fortunate to live in a truly beautiful corner of the world and are doubly blessed because our home is in a neighbourhood of small acreages.

Every afternoon on our walks I somehow manage to find a little treausre that catches my eye and I have a collection of them on my desk.  Some of the most special finds are feathers from the abundant birdlife; unique stones; pressed wildflowers and my little nieces 'fant-ta-sticks' ie: twigs, long 'sticks' and small branches which she has dragged behind her little [almost 3yo] frame when she has visited.

On Thursday evening I received a truly beautiful gift of serendipity.

We were on the return leg of the walk and Captain V had just begun a discussion about something quite important, the dogs were not far behind us contentedly 'doing the sniff'.
Out of nowhere a tiny little white moth, no larger than your thumbnail flew in front of us at about waist height.
It was the most irradescent white and was flapping gently about a metre in front of us.

In itself, there is absolutely nothing remarkable about this I know. The thing is, it stayed in this position for at least twenty-five metres, keeping pace with us as if we were attached with little invisible reins.
Not being able to take my eyes off it and feeling almost as if I was attached to it, I now had a 'real-life' example for the word 'transfixed'.

Of course it flew off, [probably to feast in someones vege patch] but for the loveliest of moments it shared its beauty with us.  This is what I truly love about living here.  There is an abundance of wildlife, birds, kangaroos, other critters large and small and they are free to do their thing, interacting with us if and when they choose.

For me it is memorable any time wild creatures choose to share some space with us and I began to wonder if you have had a gift of serendipity from Mother Nature too?

Here's to a week a serendipitous moments,

The black and white photo is by Ella and the white moth image is by Fons.


  1. Lovely narrative, Felicity. Have a great wknd.

  2. It says a lot about you as a person that you would notice this beautiful event, Felicity. I felt like I was there on the walk with you, your writing brought it all to life. What a lucky person you are to be able to stroll down a beautiful beach hand in hand with the one you love. x

  3. love the simplicity of the moment and the sweet joy you felt in nature...thank you for sharing your moment with us...Naomi


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