01 September 2010

Does this image resonate with you?

What immediately struck you upon viewing it?

For me it was the colour and the stillness...
then I saw the wallaby peeking out of the shrubbery and I knew that it was the perfect picture to illustrate my life at the moment.

I'm a bit like the wallaby, you've got to look really hard to find me and I'm a little lost & looking for some guidance.

Now I'm not talking metaphorically about my life.
No, this is far more serious... it has to do with the fact that my blog is busted!

Wonderful followers are telling me that they're not receiving updates of my post on their blogroll or in their Reader and I don't appear anywhere on blogs that I've joined.  There's also a side issue about comments not appearing for some of my posts and this function is definitely enabled in my settings. I have more than a sneaking suspicion that it has something to do with me doing something bad to my RSS feed [whatever that means!] and I will need some serious guidance to fix it.

I'm appealing to you dear reader, hoping that you or someone that you know may be my lighthouse and have the capacity to bring me safely back to Bloggland...
If you can help please email me at giftsofserendip@yahoo.com

But if I may just warn you, I REALLY am THE most novicey of novices when it comes to anything techy and any advice must be step-by-step BASIC.

Whoever manages to get me safely 'home' will receive a great present in the mail [as yet to be determined but it will be excellent as I'm fairly desparate to get this sorted].

Looking forward to hearing from you and having this little blog back spic-and span very soon!

If you are already a follower or thinking of joining in, please keep stopping by.
I have great hopes that the collective genius that is our blogging community will get this sorted and we'll be sharing lots of lovely thoughts and creative ideas together on a daily basis before you know it!

Image from fotocommunity


  1. I'm not techy enough to help, but rest assured I will keep stopping by. I don't need a blog reminder to know I love being here. x

  2. Loved this post. Made me giggle. Sorry I am not helpful with RSS feeds... Good luck! Will keep dropping by.

  3. Hi Felicity
    You are right.. you don't pop up in my followers.. and I just followed you and I don't get any post feeds..

    You know sometimes my comments go missing. I have in the past reported the problem and most of the came back.. but seeing you have a few issues.. it may be your settings..

    I'm going to send you an email... I'm no expert but I just took some screen dumps of what my settings look like and you can compare..

    good luck.. xxx Julie

    thanks for lovely comments too

  4. gorgeous picture! Have a great weekend :)

  5. You must be psychic - I was just trying to figure out why I hadn't seen your blog on my bloglist at all - and there is an error with your address I think. There does seem to be a problem with your feed, but I'm with you in the novice department and don't know how to fix it. It seems that once you changed your address to .com instead of blogspot, the problem arose. Sorry I know I'm not much help, but at least I know why I haven't seen you around! Good luck with getting it fixed - I don't want to miss out on anything you know! K xx

  6. That's the lighthouse at Port Fairy! I'd recognise it anywhere. :)

  7. I couldn't see the wallaby for ages. That either says something profound or means I need new glasses. Lovely picture though - amazing sky.

    Do hope you've found your way back to blogland and have not been dashed on the rocks. Am sure someone will guide you safely home.

  8. not sure how to help but hope it all works out and your smooth out the knots! i am sure someone will light the way for you! xo m.

  9. I would not have seen the wallaby if it wasn't for the fact you pointed it out to me.
    And I'm sorry, i'm terrible with the technical side of this sort of thing. I hope you work it out soon :)

  10. what a beautiful blog Felicity, oh my! x

  11. Hi Filicity,
    Thank you for stopping by Northern Light!
    Looking forward to reading your blog....

    Northern Light

  12. it's getting late at night so my mind is getting too fuzzy to offer any good help at the moment, but i'll go through some of my emails tomorrow to see if i can offer any advice to your blog problem. fellow readers definitely helped guide my way, so hopefully a solution is in sight. i hope you find a resolution soon because you do have such a marvelous, serene blog :)

  13. Hi Felicity. I am so happy you stopped by and commented on my post this week, as your blog has been sitting at the bottom of my blog roll - saying your last post was 3 months ago! I thought you had gone on holidays or something...I am so sorry for not checking!! I don't know why you are having these horrible problems, but I will certainly check in instead of relying on my blogroll:( Off to catch up on your beautiful posts! ~ Tina xx

  14. I like your post, beautifully simple and honest. Being a novice i can not offer professional advice, but I hope you will find it in the vastness of internett

  15. I LOVE that image. I can barely begin to describe what it makes me feel, but it's something that starts in my chest and is a little like the beauty that's so deep it's painful....

    Love your blog!


  16. Hi Felicity, sorry I have no skills in the technology department, hope someone can help you out!!!

  17. Thank you everyone for your kind wishes and suggestions.
    So far I'm still the wallaby hiding in the scrub but am very happy that you all seem to be coming back to say hi anyway.
    X to all,

  18. Hello, I don't have any suggestions for techy help, but I do love this image. It reminds me of my home in Australia by the beach, where I lived up until about 3 years ago. Now I live far from the beach in the Swiss mountains, which is still lovely, but the beach and ocean are in my blood. Lucky you to live where you do.

  19. Each day, I learn something new and meet lovely bloggers who always have something to say, even when the tech god's do not always alighn.
    I want to take a walk in that image with your dog and you ~

  20. Hi Felicity! I adore this picture, especially the colors in that sunset. On a less pleasant note, I am so, so sorry to hear about your blog issues - I wish I knew the answer.. I know how terribly frustrating it must be. I hope you figure it all out really soon.. Good luck! xo


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