03 July 2010

This poem by Lewis Carroll can be read from both left-to-right and top-to-bottom. You could probably say that it's the ultimate palindrome.
I find it to be both clever and romantic in its quirkiness. For a little bit of 'wordy-nerdy' fun, try reading it with someone else, one person taking the vertical lines, the other the horizontal...

It's predicted to be cold and wet in my corner of the earth this weekend, so we'll be cracking out the
board games & red wine and enjoying a lovely warming meal or two.

I wonder if Captain Valentine will be inspired to pen his own palindrome poem or perhaps just let me beat him at Scrabble for a change? Either would be satisfying.....

Here's to a serendipitous weekend,


  1. Oh, I just loved this! Your weekend plans sound lovely. It's so hot and humid in my part of the world, I wish I could trade places with you! :)

  2. How about we meet somewhere in the middle? Let's say a cool little bungalow on an island in Polynesia!
    In reality I'm just about to head out to our local Farmer's Markets to sample and purchase the local produce for the week ahead.
    I may even post a few pics later in the day.
    Enjoy the festivities in your part of the world,


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