06 July 2010

This isn't so much serendipity as reality...

Enjoy your Tuesday...

PS You may have noticed another Giveaway in the sidebar. The gorgeous Sam at 'The Nest' has put together the most amazing little package of French lovelies from her recent travels. Click on the button and cross your fingers...bon chance!
x F


  1. Felicity, I love this advert. There are some really clever ones out there hehe! It's comforting to know there are others out there who act a little odd under stress every now and again, don't ya think xx

  2. Very funny! It makes me remember my travels.

  3. I feel a little like this today!

  4. Very funny, I know I've been there myself. I love the part when she says "I love you". Great stuff.

  5. Hahahah that is such a funny advert.... I have a friend who will love this too...I am going to show it to her!
    Have a wonderful day,sweetie


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