08 July 2010

"Houston we have a problem!"

My wonderful laptop & #1 assistant in life Sophie [yes my computer has a name] has been feeling poorly of late and not been performing 'up-to-speed'.
So we've agreed that she deserves some much needed 'R&R' and we will both be absent for a couple of days while she relaxes in a setting similar to this...

[sotto voce ...when really we know that she'll be having her gizzards rearranged and a big internal clean up will be undertaken - eek!]

Not possessing an iphone or similar snappy techy tool with which to post,I will attempt to wrangle some time on Captain Valentine's HP [shudder]to keep in touch but reality deems that I probably won't be posting.

So until next we meet, may there be much serendipity in your world,

x Felicity


  1. hope Sophie gets better soon. thanks for leaving such a funny yolk!

  2. oh no, it's never fun to be cut off :( i hope all is well soon!!

  3. Awww I hope Sophie will get better soon:)
    Kisses sweetie and see you soon:)


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