25 June 2010

Stick out your neck + stretch your 'self' = who knows what will happen next.

Today do something different. It may feel uncomfortable at first but then most of the good things do!

Image Jens Hansen


  1. Chortle. Isn't he GORGEOUS!!! I am a massive giraffe fan. Maybe because I looked so much like one as a gangly, super-tall redheaded child. I sell myself so well, don't I ;)

  2. I've too have always loved the gangly giraffe, having started the affair with a knitted critter in my early early childhood.
    More recently I've become a fan of the redhead having acquired a strawberry blonde [foot-stamped when said] teenage gal and an auburn locked charmer [8YO] boy when I became their step-mum.
    It's been really surprising that everyone denies that the youngest is a redhead "Oh, no he's got brown hair." This comes at me all the time when I comment on how gorgeous it is.

    PS loved your ode to the redhead earlier in the week...Did you see the strawbs I posted yesterday? They were spectacular!!!

  3. What a gorgeous blog! Thanks so much for popping by the Fibro.

  4. Oh my goodness...what a beautiful blog you've created!!! This is going to be my new go-to spot for inspiration!!!
    xo maureen

  5. great advice and hiliarious photo. xo m.

  6. These words & this image are a wonderful way to end the week. Have a wonderful weekend & thank you for stopping by Haby G :)

  7. It's so sweet! Time to get up from the screen, I'm going for a walk :)

  8. LOVE the giraffe image (I have always adored them!) and "thought" for the weekend!! I am so glad I stopped by. I needed that reminder.
    Have a lovely weekend and thanks for visiting me!!


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