24 July 2010

Warning: This is a 'naked' post!

By this I mean no fancy-pants graphics or images just a little message to let you know that I am still alive and kicking...just.

The serendipity has been flowing fast and furiously in my corner of the earth but as Sophie [my laptop] is still not operating at even close to 60% capacity I've been stymied in my ability to share and connect via the blog.

It's got me thinking about the role that technology [and in particular my laptop] plays in my life and how pivotal quick and easy access to the internet has become. 
Conclusion: laptop = vitally important and effective internet connection = a right not a luxury.

How about you, have you been in a similar position to the one I'm in now with limited techy tools?
Can you recall how it made you feel [I've got to confess I'm experiencing something close to savage withdrawal symptoms myself!].
Perhaps not having your computer/iphone/ipad/blackberry etc gave you a different perspective on how you utilise technology in your everyday world...perhaps you started using it less or with greater discernment.
Whatever your perspective I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time,

X! Felicity


  1. haha very cute! love how you called it a naked post

    stop by sometime <3

  2. Oh there you are! I've been missing you!! I thought my dashboard must be broken like your laptop and so I went back through some comments in my blog to find you only to see that you haven't been posting. Hope you get everything fixed soon. x

  3. Hey girls, thanks for stopping by.
    It really is going into a vortex not having access to the net or good tech stuff. I miss reading about what's happening, sharing and just connecting generally.
    I get a little reprieve every now and then to write comments on my own blog but I won't be able to post for a while, it's truly driving me nuts!
    PS: Maxabella gorgeosa, I am L.O.V.I.N.G your new blog - will be joining in when I can!
    x F

  4. I have 'blog guilt' if i don't blog for a a week or so ... right now I am so busy with work and moving etc that my blog is 'under fed'. BTW You won the pigeon pair ... a post from a good while back. Email me a postal address and I'll post them to you! mantahay at yahoo.com.au

  5. Ooh a present! Thanks so much I can't wait to receive my pigeon pair!
    x F

  6. I didn't get your address? It may have been olst in spam ... email me at mantahay@yahoo.com.au and I post them out!!

  7. I only just twigged as what naked DSL meant the other day Felicity! I deal with high-tech stuff all day at work & all I want to do at night is forget the whole ball & dice. Poor MOTH still can't work out the DVD player!
    Millie ^_^


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