20 June 2010

Snoozing Sunday

Thank you to Kimberlee for sharing this beautiful image.

"Oh ain't she sweet, 
  well she just purred herself to sleep.
  Oh I ask you very confidentially:
  Ain't she sweet?"

Happy Snoozy-Sunday, perhaps you might find some serendip under the covers. Well at least a lovely dream or two!

x Felicity


  1. I had a lazy morning, but now the sun calls for a bike ride. I'm going to see art exhibition by the sea here in Oslo.
    ps. I know what you mean about the tea chest... two weeks ago I saw a white chipped-paint stool in one of the cafes, and could not believe it: it was exactly the same like at my Grandma's... she always had them in the kitchen, bought long before I was born, maybe in the 40's! I was so thrilled I wanted to beg the barman to sell me the stool... I guess I'm sentimental and romantic, it meant a lot more to me than any designer furniture :)

  2. She is so cute...I love love love that photo:)Ohhh I want a kitty like that:)
    Muah darling and I will be back..I adore your blog.)

  3. Thanks for stopping by gorgeous gals!

  4. Thanks darling for your email...Ohhh it made my day...Truly did :)
    Have a wonderful Tuesday and see you soon :)


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