14 June 2010

Serendipity of the Seasons

Happy Long Weekend to all the Australian Bloggers!
Something that I truly miss living by the beach is the glory of Autumn & winter colours.

Trees changing their wardrobe for a couple of weeks, new jewels to adorn their limbs. All accompanied by a sharp crispness in the air.
It is in times like this that I find solace and inspiration in the artwork of the talented Holly [the artist-otherwise-known-as] Gollybard.  Her whimsical and warm images are truly lovely and it will be no surprise to you that her feather and nest series are a special favourite.

To further delight you, I've also included a few little buggies...
And for the fashionistas and designers amongst us here's her homage to the late Alexander McQueen...

All images by Gollybard

But enough about what I love about Holly's work,  you should really take a peek yourself at her site or her Etsy store.

Delight in the serendipitous,



  1. Such pretty art! Hope you have a lovely week! x

  2. You're right Kellie, Holly is such a clever gal.

  3. Many thanks for the lovely feature! You are too kind!


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